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Yu-shiki Breathwork ®(Practice Session)


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Fee: suggested donation $5-$15

Bring your own drinking water.
Please wear comfortable clothes.

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Practice Session: This is a 1 to 1 ½ hour class. We will review what you learned in the introductory class. Since it is essential that these techniques are done correctly, it is recommended to take this class at least once a month after the introductory class. 10min. of practice everyday will give you the best results. It is fun to do this in a group, so please join us.
Beginners are welcome to try a Practice Session before signing up a introductory class. Please see below for more information on introductory classes.

Yu-shiki Breath Work ® - Activating your brain and organs from inside out.

Yu-shiki Breath Work ® is a unique and original breath work created by a Japanese teacher Yumiko Otomo in Okinawa Island. She discovered a center point in the body and ways of activating it that stimulates our brain and organs to obtain physical, mental and spiritual wellness. She named this point Tai Shin Ten (体心点) which means the center point of the body. The activation process is very simple, involving various breath work techniques with movement and meditation. Many people experience healing effects upon the first practice.

Activation Techniques

So Shin Jutsu(痩身術):It literally means “slimming technique” in Japanese. This breath work is for all ages and abilities and good for postnatal care. This technique involves slow movements to align pelvis and strengthen the entire metabolic system. It helps shape the body into the most ideal condition. So Shin Jutsu is a great news for those who want to get slim & fit. Amazing results has been seen in Japan where people experience visible body restructuring within the first daily workshop. Because this technique works gently with the body, it is free from the rebounding effects associated with forceful diet & exercise programs. It also strengthens our sexual organs, reproductive systems and boosts up our life force.

Tai Shin Ten Breath Work (体心点呼吸法): This is an active breath work with certain slow movements to strengthen our center/core physically and emotionally. It helps to obtain good body balance, flexibility and stability quickly without stressing our body. It also helps to obtain calmness and a grounded, centered feeling. It is recommended to practice So shin Jutsu and Tai Shin Ten Breath Work together for the best results.

Yu-shiki Meditation & Rhythmic Breathing: “Connecting heaven & earth energy” is the most important thing in Yu-shiki Breath Work. In this technique practitioners use slow rhythmic breathing and visualization to go into deep and quality meditation. This is a form of meditation easy for beginners and takes regular mediators to a whole new level of meditation.


Group Introductory class: This three-hour class is necessary for everyone to learn the basics before taking one-hour Practice Sessions. You will learn everything you need to know to practice the breath work at home. You will also learn how it works to effect your body and mind. The breath work itself is very easy but there are specific movements and breathing technique you need to know to get the best results. Instructor will assist each student in doing it correctly.

When: Once a month class (usually every first Sunday of the month. 10am-1pm. Minimum of four students required) check our calendar
Fee: $35/ 3 hours
Reservation required.

Private/Semi-private Introductory class: Your schedule does not work for a group introductory class? You need more intimate class? A private or semi-private (2-3 students) class is available for you. Just contact Sawako and schedule whenever works for you.

Fee: Private class - $60/2 hours
Semi-private class -$50/3 hours

Yu-shiki Breath Work is taught only by certified instructors trained by Yumiko Otomo in Okinawa, Japan. Sawako Ama is a certified instructor offering the Yu-shiki Breath Work in Northern California.

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