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Montague Balloon Fair
OK before you read the details of this event, click the "about us" link on your left. Now check out this link: I am posting this event as for Sat. This event will blanket all three days of the Montague Balloon Fair. I will be flying Sat and Sun. If you can come up for any of the days, just let me know which one. The Montague Balloon Fair is a fund raising event hosted by the Shasta Valley Rotary. The proceeds go to local charities and Rotary projects. All worthy causes. Lots of ways to visit and stay. One of the best for spectator / crew would be to book an RV or tent site. The camping "village" is right at the launch site. See the facebook page for camping reservations. Or it's a short drive from Yreka to Montague. Plenty of lodging in Yreka. The event will include BBQ's, music, craft fair, parades and lots more. The area is steeped in history of gold and lumber. Plenty to do and see. Don't forget this is also the heart of the "State of Jefferson". Yreka is also a 30min drive from Ashland Oregon. There may be Shakespeare plays scheduled there. So let me know if you are interested in coming up to take part. Again, any or all days should be some good flying fun. FYI this event was cancelled once in the past because of forest fires. The launch site became a staging area for fire fighters and the community rallied around the care and keeping of the fire crews. It could happen again with the Delta Fire. Keep watching the FB page.

Montague Balloon Fair launchsite

850 W Webb St · Montague, CA


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    The sport of hot air ballooning is one of the most beautiful, exciting, and challenging endeavors I know. Every flight is a different experience. Ballooning is "weather dependent" and the flying season runs from spring into the fall. Balloons fly soon after sunrise so it's an early sport (come watch the sunrise). We are usually done by 10 or 11 a.m. (sometimes earlier) so the rest of your day is free.

    Hot air balloons are aircraft and are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). I am a pilot licensed by the FAA. As a private pilot (versus "commercial") I do not charge a fee for rides. However, I do ask that folks RSVP and then show up for 3 events to learn and appreciate all that the sport entails. After 3, you officially qualify as "crew" and are eligible for a no fee ride. No prior experience is necessary. As the pilot, I am responsible for crew training.

    We all work together for a common goal. The contribution of each crew member is personal, unique, and valuable. It is a collaberative work/play environment. There is physical work (individual challenges can be accommodated).

    Ballooning is intellectual and spiritual. It's mechanical and serene. It is sometimes fast. It is sometimes leisurely. It takes focus and concentration.

    All that said, the overriding goal is to HAVE FUN! (and meet new, like-minded people)

    If this all sounds appealing, come on out. See if you like it.

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