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Hack/Make is not just for people apart of http://indiehackers.com - an online community, which leans towards the digital side of creating things (apps, services, etc). It's also for those that create physical things. Maybe it's pieces of art. Maybe a product you want to bring to kickstarter. Or something you just *need* to make, no matter if it's something anybody else would be interested in.

This is for those of us that just need to create constantly and share with other creators the highs and lows of making things.

First, this group will be so you can meet other makers, hackers, tinkerers and creators. No matter the medium. Digital. Physical. It's all good! Share your knowledge, show off your creations. Learn from others.

Second, if it's more than a personal scratch to itch, we'll discuss ways you can bring it to market. Test the waters and experiment. Get feedback, motivation and collaboration from others. It's a group that will motivate you to reach your goals. Maybe that's making enough from your side project to have it as your your main source of income. Maybe it's just to finish something.

Meetups will be informal for now, finding out what people are working on, getting to know each other and we'll grow from there.

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Fort Rock Brewing

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Fort Rock Brewing

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Fort Rock Brewing

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Drake's: The Barn

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