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Keto for Health Meet Up and Hang Out
Come join us for a fun evening hanging out and socializing with people interested in following the keto way of eating. Are you curious to learn more about keto? Are you a seasoned keto veteran? Are you looking for others who follow this way of eating and don't think it's strange? Then this is the group for you! At this meeting, we enjoy a dinner out and learn how to make keto work at a restaurant. We laugh and learn and make new friends, and have a wonderful time! We do ask that if you come and don't order that you do leave a small tip as a thank you for the server. We always receive excellent service at Brookfield's, and want to be sure they know we appreciate them.

Brookfields Restaurant

1817 Taylor Road · Roseville

What we're about

Welcome to the Sacramento Keto for Health and Weight Loss Meetup!

My name is Kimberly, and I've been following a ketogenic way of eating since June of 2015. In that time, I've reversed my type 2 diabetes, lost over 80 pounds, gotten off diabetic and high blood pressure meds, just to list some of the major health benefits. This is a permanent lifestyle change for me, and I'm always learning more about keto.

I'm a Keto Lifestyle Coach and you can find out more about my in person and online coaching services at .

At my highest, I weighed 300 pounds, and managed to get down to the 250s before I found keto. I'm currently in the 160s with about 15-20 more pounds to lose. These last few pounds are the hardest, especially since I'm in my early 50s and have been obese most of my adult life, but my health is so much better than it's ever been since I was a teenager.

Over the last 2 1/2 years, I've learned what does and doesn't work with keto, and understand how to apply those lessons to others. I want to help you succeed on your keto journey to health!

I'm passionate about sharing a whole-foods centric way of ketogenic eating through this meetup, with cooking classes, support groups, video presentations, and more!

My goals with this meetup are:

~ Provide a warm and friendly environment for people new to keto as well as those who are experienced with keto
~ Offer keto resources
~ Provide support and encouragement
~ Teach keto from a whole foods, nutritional ketosis standpoint
~ educate
~ Answer your questions and share my knowledge
~ Provide cooking classes with fabulous and easy keto recipes
~ Coordinate keto potlucks
~ Share video presentations
~ Provide connection to the larger online keto community while developing a local community
~ Teach keto as a lifelong way of eating and living, not as a temporary diet

My approach is geared towards success, with a focus on healthy, nutrient-dense foods, developing a positive attitude and mindset, with the perspective that this is a permanent lifestyle change that will not only help you lose weight, but to also gain better health.

I'm active with the online Keto community and am a volunteer admin for the Ketogenic Success and Ketovangelist Kitchen Facebook groups, which are part of

You can find me online at:

my website:
Instagram: keto_kimberly
Facebook: Keto Kimberly

Please feel free to message me with any questions!

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