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Perhaps you feel less confident, motivated and happy than you wish. Or maybe you sometimes you feel anxious, depressed or lonely. Or maybe you just want to gain more knowledge about how to live an even happier life. Whatever your personal situation, in this group we will help you to explore the natural laws, ways and tools (not drugs) that inevitably lead to greater joy and happiness in living.
In this group, we will specifically tackle the following:
- How to find and erase past painful experiences
- How to convert your painful experiences into Happiness and a fresh view of life
- What it means to have mental health 
- Learning how to start good relationships 
- Learning how to maintain good relationships

We will have weekly free online meetings sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center. You are invited.

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Get Over Your Ex and Start Fresh

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Hard-won Lessons for Beginning a New Relationship

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