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Sac-Sierra Writers Group Short Read/Deep Dive
Welcome to the Sac Sierra Writers Group. This meetup is open to all Sac Sierra meetup members to show up with material to read and receive feedback on, or simply attend as part of the group to provide feedback to other writers. A Short Read is 3-5 pages of fiction for group feedback. Early draft material is fine. See how many people RSVP'd and bring that many copies. We take turns around the table reading our material and getting/giving feedback. If you're not sure you're ready just come to one of the meetings and see how it works. When you come, ask how we prepare for Deep Dives. A Deep Dive is feedback on a longer, complete unit of fiction (chapter, short story, etc). The material is usually distributed a month in advance and we dedicate a longer chunk of meeting time to give feedback on narrative, progression of the story, consistency etc. so more than what you would get with a short read. Agenda: 7:00-7:10 Introductions; then dive right in. For Short Reads the submitter usually reads the whole thing, then we go around the table with feedback. For Deep Dives we like the submitter to read a brief passage, then we go around the table with our prepared (and usually detailed) feedback. Repeat for each submittal. We finish around 9:30 but sometimes get kicked out because, well, we are having fun. Short Read Details Submittal: Bring 3-5 pages to read and receive feedback. There is no particular requirement other than it is fiction. Order is generally first come first served. The Short Read Premise: Early feedback can help steer the writing in the right direction. We are novice fiction writers on the path to publication. To get there, we need quality, detailed feedback--honest appraisal of what works and what needs improvement. Deep Dive Details Remember that a deep dive needs to be submitted electronically in advance. Preferably a few weeks so we all have time to read it and make comments. At the meetup we share our feedback and give you printed copies with the notes. Once you understand how we do it you can send your doc, pdf or whatever to ruckerstephen(at) for distribution. Submittal: For best results first timers should come to a meetup and see a deep dive in action; if you like the experience, talk with the group about submitting your Chapter. Deep Dive submittals are generally first come first served, and we can schedule up to two but no more than three for any given meeting. The Deep Dive Premise: We are novice fiction writers on the path to publication. To get there, we need quality, detailed feedback--honest appraisal of what works and what needs improvement. Chapters need scrutiny, that’s what we’ll provide. At a past meeting a newcomer remarked that we spent forty minutes on a short read and were only halfway around the table. 'This is taking a long time--how long should this take?' 'As long as it needs,' we all replied. Enough talk. Come. Make it great. Wire brushing, but soft wire, yeah.

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We're novice writers on the path to publication. Regular meetings to make progress and get feedback; focus on sharing and critiquing works of fiction, to develop writing discipline, get motivation and support, learn from others. Locations and times by mutual agreement. This is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and focus on the craft and discipline of writing with publication in mind.

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