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This group is for those who long for a sense of permanence.

It is for those who believe in the interconnectedness between culture, community, self, soil and food. It is for the nurturerers, the backyard farmers, the worm watchers.

If you were raised in the modern suburb and cried the first time you tasted a tomato that came from a garden and not a store, you'll find friends here.

If you are a scavenger, a mud builder, a farmer, a guerrilla gardener, an artist, a naturalist, an environmentalist, you'll find friends here.

This group has no purpose yet other than to learn we are not alone in a world that sometimes finds us backwards and crazy for our love of critters and compost and our endless pursuit of radical simplicity.

This group will surely evolve and change some as our learning and sharing progresses and as friendships are formed and nurtured; as membership grows. But for now, in it's infancy, it's here to call like minds together, to start a quiet patient revolution of thought, to heal the Sacramento area one yard at a time.

But let's never forget to have fun while we're at it!


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