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Watch the FoodMythbusters video—"The Myth of Choice"

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The Myth of Choice: Food MythBusters Movie Launch

We received a reminder this morning that Food Mythbusters is launching it latest video tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:00PM PDT.

Anna Lappé and FoodMythbusters' new video takes on Big Food, those lovely “citizens” (you know who they are) who spend close to $2 billion every year telling kids and teens what’s cool to eat through advertising, promotions and sponsorships. They say “it’s your choice," while undermining parents and influencing their target audience to make unhealthy food choices.

To watch at home with friends and family, register by going to

or, you can join us at the California State Grange, (see below),

The whole launch lasts about half an hour; Anna Lappé will introduce the film before it streams, once it’s over there be a Q and A session. Should be interesting.

In any case you can download the video transcript at

there is also a Companion Reading Guide at

Can you say "I'm NOT lovin' it"?