Glenn D.Glenn D.

Glenn D.

Co-organizer, SVS President


Sacramento, CA

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Dec 27, 2010


SVS is gearing up for SacTown VegFest 2018 on January 27. Mark your calendars now. If you would like to participate in the planning and staging of the event, contact us at or call (916) 455-0563. We'll have a good time.

Why are you interested in SVS?

The vegetarian message is an important one and needs to be spread as widely as possible throughout the greater Sacramento area.

What can SVS do for you?

SVS is a vehicle to form working relationships with individuals and groups who are interested in promoting a healthy, humane and environmentally aware activist community.

Tell us about yourself.

In the grocery industry I learned that profits trump food value. In retirement I read (Joyce, Melville and Sterne are favorites), keep fit, collect ducks, and am delighted that soon to be seven Anna (of Anna's Vegan Cafe) is our god granddaughter.

Are you vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, or transitioning?

Thanks to my spouse, Mary Rodgers, I have been vegan since 2006.