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Become Certified as an Intuitive and Psychic-Medium: 4-Month Program
CERTIFICATION SERIES- "Intuitive-Psychic-Mediumship" Four Months/8 Classes: We are Ready to Begin. This is a new Series of Workshops to assist individuals who feel they are ready to realize their mediumistic and intuitive abilities with more confidence and clarity. You will now have the opportunity to receive true recognition and certification in the field of Higher Sense Consciousness and Expanded State Awareness. As Science is now confirming what Shamans and Mediums have always known, our consciousness can move into these varied altered states consciousness called by Scientists as (ASC), and Shamans and Medium as trance states of consciousness or (TSC) and experience non-local, non-linear realities, even parallel worlds of reality. Within these fields of awareness, one begins to experience non-duality and arrives at a higher Truth of Oneness that truly exists everywhere simultaneously. This is the Quantum Field, where quantum entanglement and resonance explain that our thoughts (frequencies) work at the speed of Light (often telepathically). Our Classes explain the Science and demonstrate the ways to reach into the unseen fields of energy and intelligence that surround and interpenetrate all life forms. Communication is not limited to only one Earthly species in a 3rd Dimensional Reality. This is the first barrier one needs to break through and fully understand. Now, as never before- the Source of our Being- is calling to us. "Lightworkers", are you truly interested in developing your innate Soul Abilities so that you are in Alignment with the Divine to be in Loving Service to Gaia and all life on the Planet (s). The *Keys* to Divine Service, is in the development of your Intuitive-Telepathic Higher Self awareness and abilities. Our world, Our planet Gaia needs Earth-Keepers and Vision Keepers to heal, restore and protect the Nature Kingdoms and mankind. Everyone has unique shamanistic healing gifts just waiting to be explored and activated. REMEMBER-AWAKEN-ACTIVATE RA.-A.© Enroll today for this most fascinating Series. We know you will be amazed at what treasures have been sitting dormant in you, just waiting to be discovered and explored. Class meets the 1st and 3rd Saturdays for 4 months starting in August 2018. Certifications will be held on the last Class of November 17, 2018. Punctuality and Attendance are Mandatory. 1-Absence Permitted. CLASS DATES: 8/4-8/18; 9/1-9/15;10/6-10/20;11/3-11/17. ADVANCED PRE-PAID: $175.00 ($65.00 Savings) MONTHLY: $50.00 PER CLASS: $30.00 ------- CHECK OR CASH ONLY. For more information, Message Rev. Patricia Johnston on Meetup.

Linda Pringle's House

5932 Illinois Ave. · Orangevale, CA

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