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*Newcomers always welcome*

Support, Encourage, Challenge, Inspire.

If you RSVP, it's anticipated that you will attend. If you cannot attend, please respect the men in the group and update within 2 hours of the Meetup start time. This ensures men who may be on the waitlist the opportunity to attend in your absence.

*If you RSVP and fail to show up twice, your membership from the Brotherhood will be revoked.*

Our group is based on the following principles and code of honour amongst men:

1) A safe space to show up, be ourselves and trust that our opinions, views, insights are always valued.

2) Unconditional respect for all men in the group.

This means recognizing we all have our own opinions - and although you may not always agree with the opinions being shared, we can agree to disagree without feeling the need to shoot down another man's opinion.

3) 100% confidentiality agreement amongst men.

This means, What's said here... Stays here.

4) Zero tolerance for any threats of physical violence or emotional abuse.

5) While this is a safe space to speak our minds and share our opinions, we agree that our religious beliefs and political opinions are our own. Preaching or attempting to influence others beliefs is not permitted.

Our meetings are always capped at a maximum of 7 to ensure we maintain a small group.

During the course of my marriage over the past 25+ years, I recognized that many of my friendships with good men in my life gradually faded. I focused every bit of my effort and attention on my marriage and raising my kids. I thought it was the right thing to do. I allowed these friendships to fade away. In hindsight, I missed many opportunities to learn and grow as an individual by not having a good circle of men in my life.

This is an exclusive group of men who live with a spirit of abundance... who demonstrate acts of pure intention. We are creating a noble comradeship, of service and giving back. Letting go of any ego and past behaviors that no longer serve. The plan is to grow this group slowly and thoughtfully, to ensure there is a deep level of commitment to all group members.

Who are the men in your Brotherhood? Your "Tribe"?

There's a great saying that goes "Your Vibe attracts your Tribe." The effort and energy you put into the relationships closest to you will come back to you... As long as your intentions are pure.

Men who know they can count on you... Just like you know you can count on them.

We arrange meetings and events in the Greater Vancouver area where we will establish our trust agreements, our intentions and our commitments to one another.

This group is open to men of all ages - This group is ideal for men who have recognized the value of having a connection to other great men in their life. Developing a trusting friendship starts from within. Living with this intention each day creates a meaningful relationship with men who will be there for one another.

*Our ask is that if you RSVP for a Meetup, please honour the organizer/host as well as the other men in the group by notifying us a day in advance if you are unable to attend.*

Selflessness, Service, Kindness

Let's create something amazing here.

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