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Welcome to Sacred Cacao Healing Ceremonies! This group provides a gentle and nurturing space for you to use as you wish to further your own healing journey and conscious evolution. The Cacao Spirit encourages you to open your heart, trust the Divine flow and surrender into Oneness.

When we do cacao ceremonies we do them with love! Our magical events are a fusion of ceremonial raw cacao, meditation, healing and connection. People who attend these ceremonies seem to notice that in the days that follow, blockages in their lives effortlessly shift, powerful synchronicities occur and even deep healings take place. All with the help of some delicious chocolate! We also provide an awesome goodie bag sampling high vibrational, raw products from some of the UK’s best health and wellness brands.

The space is held by Ananja Isis and Tim Michell. We feel blessed to have a very sacred relationship, and we love extending that energy out to others, holding a safe space in which healing and connection can occur. We ensure the space is very high vibrational to ensure the best experience for all who attend. We cleanse the space with sage, frankincense and incense, and we work with the archangelic realms to transmute any dense energies that are released.

At a ceremony, we sit in a circle and drink a lovingly-prepared sacred cacao elixir. This is made using the purest A-grade raw organic rainforest cacao that is hand-picked and prepared by indigenous Guatemalan locals. When we make the elixir we use distilled water that has been charged with crystals under the light of the most recent full or new moon, using our incredibly powerful John of God crystal amongst others. This synchronises us to the deeper patterns and cycles of nature and the Divine. We also bless the cacao and use a delicious and soothing blend of organic herbs and spices to create a truly heart-warming drink!

As the chocolate takes effect, you'll feel your heart chakra gently expand as you’re guided on a healing meditation and journey. When working with the cacao spirit, you can ask her to show you what is unseen, to show you the next steps on your path or simply to come out and play. The circle provides a safe and nurturing space for clearing, healing and release work. All you need to do is turn up, relax with the cacao, and surrender! You will leave feeling lighter and more energised.

It’s an honour to hold this space for you. We're looking forward to connecting, and what better way than with gorgeous cacao?!

Love and chocolatey blessings,

Ananja and Tim xxx

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