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Are you a LIGHTWORKER? Would you like to learn how to use your intuitive abilities to help yourself and others? Sacred Circle for Lightworkers offers an opportunity for spiritually seeking people to join with like-minded friends and teachers to learn about a variety of metaphysical topics, mediumship, psychic intuition, spiritual laws, etc. We are dedicated to bringing more LIGHT(spiritual consciousness) and love into the world. By connecting with fellow Lightworkers, you will learn answers to why you feel drawn to spirituality and your life purpose. Find your soul group and share your strong desire to spread the LIGHT. We invite guest spiritual teachers to share their gifts. Anchors of the LIGHT are more necessary than ever. Select PHOTOS in the tool bar above and then select PAGES to read many postings about our classes, services, certification programs, upcoming events and options. Learn about the Intuitive Development Series of 11 classes, the Psychic Tool Box training in numerology, astrology, angel card reading, crystals, I-Ching, archangels, the Hierarchy, Universal Laws, and so much more; plus Development Message Circles and Star Kids Workshops! As a Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Certified Palmist, I hope you will join me and other students in awakening to your spiritual enlightenment.

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Are You A Starseed?

Diversity Center of Oklahoma, Inc.

Have you felt like you never really belonged in this world? Do you have a fascination with space and the universe? Do you feel that you have some sort of mission in life to seek the truth and help mankind? Do you have Rh-negative blood? Complete the Starseed Characteristics Checklist and discover if you are a starseed! Do you know the difference between a starseed and a lightworker, the 3 categories of starseeds, and traits of starseeds relating to a specific intergalactic races? There are well over 250,000 unique cultures observing and assisting us as we begin to awaken and transform our world. Some of you may identify with the images of many different races that have been gathered and will be shown on PowerPoint during class. Are you aware of the importance that starseeds are playing in our ASCENSION! Plus, Stephen Archer will join in asking many members of the audience to ask questions, share thoughts and contribute to an open discussion about the importance of our starseed friends. Entry fee is $20 (credit cards accepted).

DATE CHANGE! Star Kids Workshop: Fairies, Elves & Nature Spirits

Discover the amazing world of Nature Spirits who protect Earth. Learn about fairies, elves, gnomes, dwarfs, mermaids, and dragons! Do you know how to make a fairy garden and what your elf or fairy name is? Four activities are planned. You will enjoy making your own spirit wand from real branches! And you will be able to decorate your wand with feathers, crystals, jewels, twine and lettering provided! There are many benefits in using your fairy/elf wand to bring you joy and fantasy fun! There are four kinds of Nature Spirits that help protect Mother Earth. AIR spirits are fairies and elves who sparkle and leave fairy dust and mushroom rings for us to find. EARTH spirits are gnomes, trolls, and dwarfs who work very hard to support our forests. WATER spirits are best known as mermaids and mermen who splash in the waters and bring good luck to sailors. FIRE spirits are our amazing dragons who protect us and are a source to bring spiritual light. Open to children of all ages including parents, grandparents, cousins, friends and all spiritual seekers. Four activities are planned for all to share in the fun! This is a wonderful opportunity for our amazing STAR KIDS to meet new friends and share stories. Children under age 3 get in free, under age 15 entry fee is $8, and adults are $10. Please sign up now and save your place for a fascinating and very entertaining adventure into the WORLD OF NATURE SPIRITS!

Psychic Protection: Understanding Negative Energy

Sacred Circle Academy

Receive a handout on How to Clear Your Home! What is a psychic attack? Discover how to prevent from being attacked? What are the signs and symptoms of a psychic attack? Review the rituals and exercises to have psychic protection. Should you confront your attacker? Learn how to protect yourself and understand negative energy, energy vampires, tricksters, thoughtforms, cutting cords, etc. As a lightworker, becoming aware of psychic protection will be part of your daily routine. If you are not properly protected, negative energies can affect you mentally, emotional, physically and spiritually. Cost $20. Psychic Protection is Class 3 in the Diploma in Intuitive Studies. Enjoy one class or complete all 11 classes in this series to earn your diploma. One class offered the first Tuesday of each month. Opportunities are available if you miss any class in the series to attend a make-up class before the end of the school year in August 2020. Handouts provided. Graduation ceremony planned at the end of August to celebrate your achievement!

Who, What, Why, Where, When of the SPIRIT WORLD

Sacred Circle Academy

Who is in the Spirit World? What is the Spirit World and what do you do there? Where is the Spirit World and the 7 Planes of Existence? When and how do you enter the Spirit World? What happens when you die? Or do you die? What is the silver cord? And can you answer WHY there is a Spirit World? Join Patti Stice and discover the amazing answers and insights from Michael, Edgar and Seth? An abundance of information regarding the Spirit World has been given to us through a variety of religious texts, theosophical and metaphysical references. However, this presentation is based on research from traditional Spiritual Movement references gathered from mediums, hypnotherapists, medical professionals, and channelers who documented numerous individual experiences from past life regressions, NDE’s and channeling over the past 100 years. Entry fee $20 Metaphysicians know that we are both physical and spiritual beings. We have responsibility for our own spiritual development. Our physical life gives us the opportunity to develop our spiritual potential. Patti Stice will elaborate on many resources regarding the Spirit World and spirits on the Other Side including The Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, your soul group, inner and outer band spirit guides, archangels, angels, ancestral guides, animal guides, ghosts, and much more. Contact Patti Stice at [masked] regarding any questions. Each class costs $20. Handouts are provided. This is Class #3 in the Diploma in Mediumship Studies. You can enjoy one class or enroll in all ten classes plus participate in Development Message Circles to earn your diploma. Take one class each month on the second Tuesday of each month and graduate in August 2020 with your Diploma in Mediumship Studies.

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Development Message Circle: Is Your Third Eye Open?

Diversity Center of Oklahoma, Inc.

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