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Intro to Ancient Paths of Initiations
View from The Sacred Earth Sanctuary located in the middle of Pike National Forest. For centuries, initiations were an integral part of the experience of life, and remain so today within many indigenous cultures. But their transformative power and joy have been lost within the haze of modern Western culture. Our first program was offered in Colorado in 2012 and these are the beautiful people who joined us. We have since offered this annually to both men and women. We have also offered a weeked for youth graduating from High School. This will be an experiential introduction to our program to see if you are called to the challenges and the magic that will be offered. If you decide to join us on this journey, the actual program requires a deep commitment of one weekend per month for 5 months (1pm on Saturday to 4pm on Sunday) and then 4 days in August when you will experience the strength and wonders of vision quest in the wilderness. Our cozy gathering space. ​If you decide to join this year's group of walking stars, you will be asked to think well on your commitment to yourself and the other initiates. Coming to the introduction is imperative for making this decision. Wear warm clothing for being by a fire. We hope you will honor yourself with the introduction to see if you are called and only those who make the introduction will be considered for the program. IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HOLD THESE DATES if you think you may join us. Every month of attendance is required. The program begins the 4th weekend in March and continues through August. In March-July we gather at The Sacred Earth Sanctuary on Sat. at 1pm until Sunday at 3pm on the 4th weekend of each month. In August we gather on the 31st at 5pm on Friday until 4pm on Monday while you experience your private vision quests. The introduction is offered by donation. The program costs $150 per month and $350 for the weekend of your vision quest. A $100 deposit is required on Month one as a commitment towards your vision quest. So in March and Aug. you will pay$250 and $150 in all other months. Learn More HERE (

The Sacred Earth Sanctuary

633 Valley Road · Florissant, CO

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    We host authentic indigenous elders from around the world.

    We are building community based on true indigenous wisdom. We are seeking those who truly wish to walk differently upon Mother Earth.

    Our past events have included Don Alejandro, a 13th generation Quiche Maya Priest and leader of the Guatemala Counsel of Elders, Angaangaq, Eskimo Shaman from Greenland and Walking Thunder, Dine Medicine Woman. We offer ceremony, sweat lodge and the prayers and teachings of these magnificent elders to communities throughout Colorado.

    Our greatest hope is to gather people on the sacred land we have in Florissant at The Sacred Earth Sanctuary located in Pikes Peak National Forest in Colorado. Here we can offer fire circles, drumming, sweat lodge and sacred ceremonies for the healing of Mother Earth. After our first event here last month, nearly half of the people attending stayed on the land for a full day more because the energy created during the event filled those empty spaces in their spirits.

    This is a group for those seeking to remember the ancient wisdom that is in our DNA. It is for those who are seeking their own wisdom locked within their indigenous souls. This is an opportunity to meet some of the most magnificent healers, shamans and spiritual leaders of the world.

    As our community grows, sweat lodges, fire circles and many other events will be offered when the indigenous elders are not around. We will build a community based on open hearts, shared gifts and the joy of creating a village of the heart.

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