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All life is sacred, and everything in nature is communicating all the time—with messages for us that can lead to our own healing and healing for the Earth herself. Meet some of the plants that grow near you, and learn how to develop your own capacity for hearing what plants, trees, and the Earth have to say to you. Find plant allies who want to support you in healing physical ailments, emotional traumas, and spiritual blocks. You’ll begin to experience the wisdom and intelligence of the heart—and how it can help you build a powerful relationship with the natural world. We will do this work respectfully, working within and without to honor the healing spirit of the Earth and celebrate our part in the web of life. You’ll take away from the series new plant allies and new ways of communicating with the natural world that you can continue to strengthen as you move forward.

Kyra Epstein is a writer, teacher, and healer with more than 20 years experience publishing and teaching in the sustainable living fields. In her healing work, she completed a 9-month apprenticeship with sacred plant medicine healer and author Stephen Buhner in New Mexico and studied with German herbalist Suzanne Fischer-Rizzi, completing a master's class in 2013. She holds a permaculture design certification from the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, CA. She leads events and sacred celebrations, prepares medicinal teas and medicines, and is a sacred life path guide. See more about Kyra on her blog HERE. (https://kyraepstein.wordpress.com)

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