Angel + Mediumship Course


Are you ready to develop your Spiritual gifts + gain a deeper understanding of your psychic abilities?

Do feel energy + Spirit around you, but feel overwhelmed or confused on how to process + interpret the energy?

Do you know you are here for more and have felt a strong, urgent purpose even though you have no idea what it is?

I'm here to support this next phase of your Spiritual evolution to be more of who you really are + to live in your Soul's truth.
You are lightening, girl... "This is whatcha came for..."
Why have you been playing small?
What signs + feelings have you been getting from Spirit that IT IS TIME TO STEP UP?

I know you may feel like other intuitives/mediums/healers have more gifts, talents or stronger connections than you. But guess what...right where you are at, is where they once were.
DO NOT put other gifted psychic mediums on a pedestal...instead let them inspire you to reach for your God Given awesomeness!
There is a reason this path calls to your heart + there is a reason Spirit has guided you to this point in your life.

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Vaalene is a Psychic Medium who empathically brings forward messages and healing in the highest good for your physical + spiritual wellbeing via your Spirit team + departed loved ones.
She mentors children + adults to develop their healing and psychic faculties and navigate their life purpose.
She has personally trained with Doreen Virtue + James Van Praagh.