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Each month people gather together at sacred fires to participate in one of humanity’s oldest traditions. Here, as before, people from all walks of life, religions, and traditions are welcome.

Beyond protection, cooking, and utility, our ancestors—in cultures around the world—understood how the spiritual qualities of Fire can open hearts, forge connection to self, others and nature, and when properly facilitated, unlock the door to personal healing and life improvement. Throughout time, this method of connection has been relied upon by cultures that, today, we acknowledge as wise and societally balanced. For some remote cultures, this continues into the present day, but until now the advantage of this human-and-Fire process, which we call Fire Work, has largely been forgotten and is unrecognized in our current way of living.

Community Fires are hosted by Firekeepers who are trained and receive continuing education in the time-honored principles of Fire Work—how to expand and enrich our relationships through the connective and trans-formative power of Fire. Together with the spontaneity, inspiration, and life challenges brought by those in attendance, community fires bring forth personal and group transformation that benefit everyone present. We can then carry these benefits back to our homes, our communities, and the world.

The international Sacred Fire Community hosts a growing number of monthly fires in countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Ireland, and in numerous locations throughout the United States.

This Community Fire is hosted in Wilton, NH by Chris Griffin, who has hosted men's fires for the past three years and is an apprentice Firekeeper in the Sacred Fire Community. Each fire is preceded by a potluck meal at 6pm. After dinner we light the fire and begin our evening together, where we share and embrace our stories, music, laughter, connection and conflicts. Whether a particular Fire is quiet and contemplative, emotional and challenging, or raucous and irreverent, it provides many opportunities for transformation in our lives.

In general, Wilton Community Fires are scheduled for the last Saturday of each month. There may be occasions when it occurs on a different weekend, keep your eye for announcements here on Meetup or email me at chris.griffin@sacredfirecommunity.org to join the mailing list.

You can also visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sacredfirewilton

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April Community Fire

56 Maple St

HI All, Please join us for the April Community Fire which will be happening on April 27th at my hearth in Wilton NH. We gather monthly by the fire in order to remember who we are as humans, as a part of the natural world. Unlike other residents of this world, humans have a unique and special relationship with fire, a relationship that has guided us and defined who we are over millennia. Despite the trappings and technologies of the modern world, the relationship with fire is still a profound and fundamental part of who we are. It is part of how we find our place in the world, and I for one have discovered that re connection to the sacred spirit of fire has helped me immeasurably in addressing the challenges of living in these modern times. While our ancestors might have had a hard time imagining the challenges that we face today, it is their wisdom and the sacred relationships that they preserved that provide what we need to face those challenges. Sitting by the fire is one doorway to that wisdom and those sacred relationships. We will be outside, rain or shine, so come prepared for the elements. We will gather and share a potluck meal at 6pm, and will light the fire at 7pm. What to bring for the Fire: A Potluck dish (main dishes preferred) Warm clothes for outside A flashlight or headlamp to navigate in the dark An open heart and open mind Optional: an offering of wood for the fire or a small financial contribution Location: 56 Maple St, Wilton NH. The community fire is open to all. An RSVP to let me know you are coming will enable me to prepare the space for the number of people attending. Feel free to write or call me (info below) for more information. In the final week of May I will be attending a special Fire Speaks event in Asheville, NC: https://atf.sacredfire.community/event/fire-speaks-asheville-2019/ This is a unique opportunity to hear the voice of fire, the voice of the heart, in a clear and direct way. Due to this aligning with the final weekend of the month, the May community fire will be happening two weeks earlier than it's normal rhythm, and will occur on May 11. Thank Goddess Spring is Here! Chris

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March Community Fire

56 Maple St

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