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** This group will move to the Welsh border later in 2019 **

there is one more Popup Meeting coming up this Friday, 14th June (https://www.meetup.com/Sacred-Heart-Tantra/events/261848096/) 2019

This group has been facilitated by Gillian Alexander of Sacred Touch (you can read a little more about Gillian here http://www.sacred-touch.co.uk/about-gillian ) for almost ten years. Gillian has been increasingly teaching internationally over the past four years, and in 2019 is relocating to the Welsh borders. Please don't join this group if you want to attend in Scotland past September :)

There may be pop up Sacred Heart Tantra meetings in various parts of the world, or occasionally if I am back visiting Scotland. They will have that sense of safe, sacred and held space within which to open to and explore consciousness, tantra, and related topics in a safe and supportive environment, that has become so familiar to those of you who have been regular attendees in Glasgow.

Gillian has been teaching and facilitating training and development in various guises for more than 30 years. As facilitator, Gillian creates and holds a sacred, safe, authentic and integrous space within which you may explore your own Truth and your own Self. For me (Gillian) tantra is about being fully present with our experience and being in our own truth, however that presents. The group has offered a unique opportunity for members to engage from whichever level of experience they come – whether you feel you are experienced or a complete novice to tantra there is much on offer in this space.

Workshops and Events
We have one more event scheduled for 2017 and one already scheduled for later in 2018. Do check in if anything else comes up. Full information will be posted on Gillian's website at www.sacred-touch.co.uk/events (http://www.sacred-touch.co.uk/?page_id=74).

• Ancestral Healing (http://www.sacred-touch.co.uk/ancestral-healing/) – empowered lineage – Sunday, 30th June 2019 in Prestwick. Ancestral Healing is a powerful shamanic technique for releasing the ties that bind us to the past and to other people’s stuff. In this one day event, you will be taken through the process of connecting to your own ancestors, supported in releasing these ties and you will support others through the same process and learn about the technique. (£110pp/or £95 if paid in advance, and only 8 places for this venue)

• Private sessions in various locations – I’ll be offering sessions as I'm travelling, and occasionally in Scotland - see here for more info (http://www.sacred-touch.co.uk/contact/appointments/).

Private sessions and training
You can find out more information about Gillian's session work and opportunities for training with her on her website at http://www.sacred-touch.co.uk

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