What we're about

What this Meetup Group is about?

The Sacred Intimacy & Conscious Relating Meetup Group (SICR) is on a mission to teach the unique frameworks people need, to co-create the passionate, intimate relationships they desire.

Have you ever wanted to learn 'a better way to be in relationship' ,than what you're doing now?

Then you are in the right place.

If you have ever wanted to learn ways to bring a deeper level of sacredness & intimacy to your erotic connections.

Then you are in the right place.

If you're curious about how to take the next step in creating a better framework to support your intimate relationships. Then you are welcome to check out our community on Facebook.

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Why Join Us?

The old ways of relating and engaging sexually, just don’t cut it anymore - times are changing. People’s expectations have changed & grown, and are now expecting their lover/partner be skilled, in all aspects of making a relationship work - and that includes not only being a skilled lover, but one that can bring a level of presence and awareness to an encounter, that was only dreamt about 20 years ago.

We aim to support people in gaining the skills they need to succeed in all aspects of their relationships - including the erotic aspects of pleasure.

Where and How will we meet?

At present we are based on the south coast of NSW. Therefore online webinars and groups will be the primary focus in the short term - for those based in Sydney.

For our face to face meetings, we will meet at venues around the Wollongong area, when permitted. The intent to re-start offering face to face groups in Sydney in the second half of 2021 - COVID permitting of course.

Who should join?

Intimate relationships have many forms, from; casual encounters, to friends with benefits, casual ongoing, open relating, poly-amory, and committed long term monogamy - to name a few.

Regardless of, if you are single, wanting to learn new skills, or explore your relational edge with something different. Or, you’re part of an intimate partnership that aims to re-invigorate the erotic connection, or go deeper together.

There will be something here for you here.

In our Facebook Community, you will have the opportunity to connect & network with other like minded people, as well as with other guides, coaches, & thought leaders in the community.

My vision is that one day soon it will be normal for people to have intimate partnerships, with passion.

The intent is to have people from all over the world coming together to share their respective wisdom & experience, to ask the important questions they want answered.

JOIN US HERE at Secrets To Xtraordinary Relationships! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SecretsofXR)


What will you get out of joining us :

· A way to determine for yourself what it is you are looking to create and what you’re aiming for re: relationships

· The framework needed to create the type of relationship you’re looking to create, with the erotic and sacred aspects to intimacy you are desiring

· The Tools and skills that will support you in creating the relationship you are wanting to create, and go deeper into pleasure and erotic intimacy together

· How to recognise when the same old relationship patterns, are getting in your way again

· A greater sense of empowerment in relationship - a sense of being more in control of your own relational destiny

What can you expect?

We offer a range of FREE and paid events. Ranging from evening seminars & mini-workshops, one-day and weekend workshops, to webinars & online events.

Over time we will be creating a range of digital resources to support people as well.

We are aiming to create more opportunities to meet other like minded people, both singles and couples, who are motivated to learn more about creating Xtraordinary Relationships.

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