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Want to deepen your astrological understanding in a profound and humorous way? This is your group! Every month we dive into a specific topic of astrology to unravel its mysteries and see how these concepts can be found in not just personal psychology, but also in physics, mathematics and popular movies! This is not information that can be found anywhere else, so come on by and learn something new and connect to other curious minded people!


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House Basics & Deep Dive into House 10

2723 S Norman St

Most people know about the planet and signs in astrology, but very few know much about the houses, which is possibly the most important part of astrology! It would be like getting a party invite without an address! Let's fix that by diving deeper into various houses and see how they work. This month, we'll continue to add to the house basics by looking at how elements & modes apply to the houses. In the second hour, we'll take a closer look at House 10, and see how people can make their mark in the world. Come by and learn something new! Cost: $10 (recommended)

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A Look at House Basics & Deep Dive into House 7

2723 S Norman St

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