What we're about

Come and join us as we explore new research into the mind and the materials and/or techniques that can change it. We will also probe backward, into the history of both the science and the hype of psychedelics and other mind-altering tools used throughout the generations of civilization.

Please note: the Sacred Plants and Psychedelics Meetup is on hiatus until September, 2022.

We examine entheogens (primarily plant-based and generally of indigenous origin) as well as new materials derived from clinical studies in laboratories around the world. Certain physical exercises and movements also claim the ability to transform consciousness. We want to know more of those processes as well.
These meetings are purely discussions concerning these of topics of interest. We recognize that people have divergent reasons for their interest in this subject and we welcome all. However, as many of the items discussed are federally controlled substances, we will not conduct any meetings for "Show-and-Tell" and the meetup will respect all laws which may relate to these substances."
Please note: this group is committed to building an intentional community of like-minded individuals who share common interests. You are welcome to join if you live in the State of Hawaii and you intend to be an active participant. 

Past events (36)

We are invited to: Am I Responsible for My Own Happiness?

Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

Blue Lotus: An Entheogen for the Pharaohs ... and Us?

1800 Kalākaua Ave

Amanita muscaria: a mushroom that is both 'magic' and legal

1800 Kalākaua Ave