What we're about

Welcome to a NEW music festival that speaks to Sacred Sexuality!

This Sacred Sexual Music Festival highlights the importance of:

- healthy shame-free pleasure
- education around sexuality
- conscious divine awareness of our bodies
- info on tantra and other modalities
- healing issues around sexuality

The uplifting and healing theme of the Sacred Sexual Music Festival takes a step toward addressing and minimizing sexual guilt, shame, repression, and abuse.

Our world is changing so fast - in some wonderful ways! - and it's time to bring a new level of awareness to the area of sacred sexuality, tantra, and sexual shamanism. Join a musically themed day and evening to celebrate, inform, and send a passionate wave of conscious sensuality into the larger community of Vancouver.

The Sacred Sexual Music Festival offers LIVE sensuous and celebratory music, informational talks, workshops, Wheel of Consent education, belly dancing, yoga, massage, qi gong, delicious delights from Eternal Abundance Cafe, a chill space and much more! A new frequency of existence is HERE and is touching more and more people!

BE a part of this innovative event!

See SacredSexualMusicFestival.com for the most up to date info.

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Sacred Sexual Music Festival

Online event

Sacred Sexual Music Festival - EDMONTON

7621 101 Ave NW

2nd Sacred Sexual Music Festival

St James Community Square

Sacred Sexual Music Festival

1739 Venables Hall

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