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(Free!) Enchanted Ground: Creating Sacred Spaces for Healing and Holding Council
Have you always wanted to learn ways to designate and create sacred space? How to bring this practice into your daily life, and in relationships with others? Here we will learn how to embody sacred space for ourselves, the importance of mesa altars, and the significant role they play in holding sacred space in the home and during ceremony. We will also touch on the sacred council process. The primary goal is to hear each other and witness our collective soul. This *Free* workshop will focus on the creation of sacred space, connecting with the energy of place and participating in a council process. The Pachakuti Mesa will be demonstrated and integrated into the teachings.

Awaken Healing Center Classroom

1574 York St. · Denver, CO

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Do you seek health, harmony and sychronicity in your life? Wishing to experience a deeper relationship with the unseen realms? Do you seek a conscious awakened community? Are you called to a path of healing service? Join us and become a revolutionary of the heart!

* The Pachakuti-Mesa Tradition: Cross Cultural Shamanic Arts for personal and planetary renewal. Five-part apprenticeship series.
* Munay-Ki Rites
* Nusta Rites
* Pleiadian Rites
* Prayer Bundles
* Full moon Fires
* Yoga Nidra
* Restorative Yoga
* Crystal Dreaming sessions

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