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To be a collection of people of varied skill, expertise and perspectives, mindful of and dedicated to preventing the desecration of sacred sites in Southern Africa. To research, protect and develop already endangered high-impact sacred sites to a standard which we all can be proud of.

We do this by jointly organising tours, lectures & by creating Community Custodian initiatives around these ancient Sacred Sites, combined with research aimed at conservation of these areas.

You will find more info on our website (http://sacredsites.co.za/).

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Journey 1 (8th to 18th of May) & Journey 2 (18th to 23rd of May)
Join #sacredsites on an incredible #harmonicresonance journey along the Cape Peninsula of #southafrica. Experience the #earthenergy flowing through several stunning locations around #capetown. Partake in a #circledance and expand your #spiritualawareness #sacredsites #harmonicresonance #southafrica #earthenergy #capetown #circledance #spiritualawareness
Please see full tour itinerary and details here - https://sacredsites.co.za/join-sacred-sites-on-a-journey-of-spiritual-discovery/

Sacred Sites Yoga Tour – with Dean Liprini & Mandy Lancellas

Needs a location

#Deanliprini and Mandy Lancellas invite you to transform the way you perceive yourself and reality, by connecting to the #sacredsites of #southernafrica. This 11-day #yogaretreat offers a rare opportunity to connect with these sites in a far deeper and more meaningful way, through a combination of guided yoga, breath-work, meditation, sound and dance.

Dean Liprini is the founder and CEO of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa, author, researcher, archaeo-astronomer and geomancer (earth diviner) and has been a pioneer in the field of archaeo-astronomy in South Africa.

Co-host Mandy Lancellas of Devahiti Yoga WA is dedicated to helping people both heal and re-connect with themselves through yoga, energy healing and bodywork.

The Tour includes 11 days and 11 nights of travel to a plethora of sites around Southern Africa, as well as all accommodation and meals (except where stated).

Dates: 25 October – 4 November 2019
Cost: $2,700 USD (Tickets can be purchased here: https://sacredsites.co.za/booking-for-yoga-tour/)
50% deposit secures your place on the tour.

The tour will begin from the Hotel Glencairn on the 25th. Transport from Cape Town Airport to the hotel will be provided.

For more information about the tour, including a full itinerary, you can visit: https://sacredsites.co.za/yoga-sacred-sites/

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