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It's about Soul Living! This is a community for those dedicated to the path of following their soul's journey, the path to their hearts. Join a tribe of fellow seekers who want to live to their highest potential and grow their spiritual awareness and intuitive gifts. A place that's safe to be exactly who you are and to build connections. Let your amazing light shine!

Get together to learn, have fun, and support one another on this crazy, messy, magical ride called Life. Classes, courses, Soul-shops, and community events are offered in spirituality, intuitive development, personal growth, healing & recovery, and healthy living.


I’m a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer, Writer, and Conscious Vocal Channel. I have a Masters of Science in Education and have worked in the field for almost twenty years as a teacher, instructional coach/specialist, and facilitator. I’m an inspirational speaker and the creator of The Stairway to Healing™, a program designed to reconnect people to the aliveness, wholeness, and empowerment that resides in all of us. I’ve also appeared on the popular podcast, Shift Your Spirits.

I'm a Certified:

• Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue

• Professional Automatic Intuition Practitioner

• Master Level RSSP Energy & Spiritual Healer (Reiki, Shaminism, Shekinah Light, Pranic Therapy)

My greatest passion is to offer you guidance and support along your path, to share messages of hope, peace, joy, and promise. My goal is to be a vessel for Spirit to teach lessons learned that healed my body, mind, and spirit.

To learn more about me and my journey, visit http://www.italiaoliver.com

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