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“This is a group for anyone interested in Sound Bath Meditation or Healing through Gong and Sacred Tibetan Chakra Bowls. We meet every other Wednesday evening to experience the beautiful inner state through sound, vibration, energy, and Happiness Meditation to finish up by 9:15pm with tea and snacks."

This as an every other week event, part of our regular weekly Meetup for Golden Age Movement Seattle.

The Golden Age Movement is a community of worldwide spiritual seekers aligned with a powerful mission to manifest, or help usher in the Golden Age of humanity. Our goal is an Earth where all humankind can live in peace and harmony with a beautiful and loving connection to each other and all of Creation.

We meet every Wednesday evening 7:15 to 9:00 pm at East Lake Yoga Studio to share our journey and passion to experience Truth, Love, Joy and Compassion for each other and within our own hearts. The meeting is non-denominational and open to all faiths and all walks of life. We start with a check-in and greeting, usually via hugs (not required), then we tune in using breath-work or mantras to relieve the stress from the day/week and connect to our inner calm & Higher Intelligence. Depending on who is leading that week, we will share a teaching or video, have some discussion, Sound Bath every other week, or some practice to prepare for the main event: the Happiness Meditation, a powerful guided meditation designed to quiet the mind and increase feelings of happiness, love & peace. We end with a circle and finish with tea and snacks.

This meetup group is the Seattle area Golden Age Movement Community having their Wednesday night weekly gathering as well as monthly One-day intensive livesteams from India called A Journey Into Happiness.

An overview:Oneness was founded by teachers Sri Amma Bhagavan in Anhar Pradesh, India in 1989. Their vision was to alleviate human suffering at its roots by elevating consciousness and awakening humanity into Oneness. Oneness has been defined as the experience of connection to all that is, or the state you reach after Enlightenment. The Golden Age Movement offers processes, teachings, meditations and One-day courses that help connect us to our own hearts and deepen our experience of our inner Higher Self and Supreme Consciousness. These tools help to rewire our brains to become more aware, clear unconscious programming, and experience growth in all areas of our lives. The effects are sometimes immediate but are often cumulative.
The Golden Age Movement is for any who wish to grow, and experience a stronger connection to Unconditional Love, Happiness, Joy, and Compassion. We feel it is the fastest and easiest path to setting yourself free and ending feelings of loneliness, frustration, anger, unhappiness, etc. Increasing this connection to what is already inside of you will transform your life and all those around you, leading to a transformed world.

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