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This is a group for anyone interested in sound healing. Sacred Sound Inspirations holds a variety of sound related events, workshops and residential retreats throughout the year both locally and nationally. Gong/Sound Baths, Community Sound Events to celebrate the Wheel of the Year, Toning and Mantra workshops, Sound & Light Immersions, Drumming workshops, Sacred Sound Residentials and various courses all geared towards sound.

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Sacred Sound & Light Immersion (Two day Introduction to Sound Healing)

This beautiful practical and experiential two day workshop combines many different sacred sound and healing techniques, the intention being for participants to find their own inner harmony. Harmony is the balanced state where our emotions, mind and bodies are in tune with our intentions. A weekend of gong baths, healing drumming, toning, chanting, voice and energy work, movement, meditation and silence - a time to find balance between being and doing to bring harmony and healing into your life, finding personal liberation and transformation through sound and light. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who are interested in investigating different sound healing techniques enabling students to use their voices and different instruments as well as receiving the many healing benefits of sacred sound and light techniques. This powerful and blissful workshop is suitable for complete beginners who would like to find out more about sound and its healing effects and for the more experienced who would like to immerse themselves for two days in a healing environment with familiar sonic healing techniques. Workshop syllabus •Crystal Bowl Meditation - experiential •Working with Rattles - practical •Vocal applications •Toning - practical •Chanting - practical •Mantra - practical •HealthRhythms Drumming & Group Participation - practical •Drum Healing - practical •Drum Journey - experiential •Monochord Chair - experiential •Meditation & Visualisation techniques •Gong Playing & Participation - practical •Group Sound Bath - experiential Booking essential. Here are some comments from previous workshops: "WOW!!!!!! Is all I can say!!! Amazing weekend workshop of Sound Healing. My favourite part was playing the gongs!!!! and I loved the opportunity to play the Djembe today too, quite funny really as it took me a while to get in the rhythm lol! The sound bath at the end was awesome!! I think I went off in space somewhere! Thank you so much Sarah." "Just finished a very wonderful and inspirational weekend of Sound Healing. Thank you Sarah, and thanks to the others in the group too who helped to make it such a highly enjoyable and comfortable time. It was really enjoyable from my perspective and I got a lot out of it. The more obvious processing has been quite easy, but on some level that I don’t entirely understand there is some much deeper processing going on within me and something new feels as though it is emerging, which feels all good, but is quite intriguing. So thank you very much for providing the space, the “right” group and for doing everything else that you do so well in terms of workshop facilitation." "I want to thank you for an amazing weekend. It was great to be able to use the gongs and as always to be given a gong bath. This workshop weekend was one of, if not the best workshop that I have attended." "Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend. I have been floating all day!! The time went so fast and I learnt so much, I certainly found my voice". "I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful weekend. You put so much effort and energy into your workshops, both behind and in front of the scenes. It was also very generous of you to let us loose on your wonderful gongs - that was an experience I won't forget in a hurry!" "I was amazed how sound vibrations can have such an affect on us. I feel this has opened up a whole new world to me.The whole weekend was planned and flowed beautifully and I especially loved the crystal bowl healing session. Ending with the gong bath was perfect. It was lovely spending time with like minded people and at no point were you make to feel awkward or embarrassed. I dont think I have felt so at ease with myself and free for such a long time. Thank you once again for a truly breathtaking weekend". "What an amazing weekend! Thank you seems so inadequate for what you delivered at the weekend. I am eternally grateful because I now feel empowered to take greater charge of my life."


HARMONY OF THE SPHERES GONG MASTER PRACTITIONER (NON RESIDENTIAL) TRAINING One week non residential practical gong training culminating in an all-night gong puja. From our own varied experience conducting many sound baths and attending a large number of different certified sound healing and gong trainings, we have developed what we feel is a unique and comprehensive training in the Gong. Our Gong Master Practitioner Training is comprised of two parts. A practical training followed by a distant learning correspondence course. Firstly you will attend the Harmony of the Spheres training. The Gong Master Practitioner Harmony of the Spheres Intensive is a mixed ability workshop. No musical experience or experience of the gong is required to attend. The workshop is suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced, experienced players who wish to immerse themselves in the gong space. This intensive training will provide participants with enough knowledge and practical experience so they have the confidence and competence to practise in a healing environment or group performance situation. Participants will be taught everything they need to know about playing the gong, giving one on one treatment sessions and group gong baths/performances at a relaxed pace. It is a complete course in how to play the gong from basic to advanced playing techniques. The aim is to impart as much knowledge and teaching about the gong as possible within the timeframe. The Intensive is suitable for those who wish to use the gong for transformation and healing, both for themselves and others in a non-professional capacity. You may attend the Intensive only if you wish, or you can also proceed to Part Two to complete your professional qualification. A wide range of gongs will be available during the residential for participants to use. If participants already own their own gong, they are invited to bring them to the training to be included within the gong space. The emphasis of this training Is upon practical, hands on experience mixed with relevant theory. Participants will truly be immersed in the gong for the entire length of the training. Our non residential trainings are held on the Herts/Essex borders about 40 minutes from Central London. The training is held over seven days with five days class teaching and you will also be expected to attend an all-night puja as part of the required training. Fee for the non-residential training is £650 for the practical training (including the one day puja arrangements/attendance) and includes Part Two distant learning curriculum. Places are limited to 8 students per class. Should you wish to continue your training and receive the qualification as Gong Master Practitioner, you can continue to Part Two after you have attended the training. Part Two follows a distant learning syllabus separated into five modules which are based on both practical and theoretical study. The aim of Part Two is to provide practical and theoretical learning opportunities for students to really explore both their relationship with the gong and also experience working with "clients" on a one to one and group basis. The explorations are both interesting, developmental and fun and on completion the students will have extensive practical and theoretical knowledge and the confidence to practice professionally should they wish. To complete this training, should you go on to Part Two, you will need to have your own gong or be able to use a gong to complete Modules One to Five. Contact Sarah Gregg at [masked] or on[masked] for further information. www.reikidrum.co.uk

All night Gong Peace Puja - Welcoming Beautiful Beltane

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Join us for what is always a beautiful and transformational event, the All Night Gong Puja. We will be harnessing the energies of the month of May and the ancient festival of Beltane, traditionally a joyful time of potential, passion and vitality. Join us for an inspirational and uplifting event to adopt new energies for yourself so that you can bring your ideas, hopes and dreams into action though the deep healing that the gongs played for such an extended period of time will bring. Please arrive for 8 pm on Saturday evening. There will be time for you to settle in and get comfortable before our opening ceremony which will start at 8:30 pm. Last entry will be 8:15 pm so as to avoid any disruption and doors will be locked after this time. The opening ceremony will be followed by ten hours of the gong played by experienced gong players. To maintain the peace and ambience, all people present are asked to respect a “Noble Silence” during the event. This not only stops others being disturbed in anyway, it also allows each person to go within and enjoy a truly meditative experience. There is a large breakout room available should you need some time away from the gongs, and we ask that you maintain the silence here also. Or you may wish to spend the whole time in the gong space. You can sit in meditation, lie back, relax and also sleep. The hall is well equipped with a large kitchen, secondary hall and toilets etc. Teas and light refreshments will be available during the evening, and you are also invited to bring any thing to share you feel would be received in gratitude (nibbles etc—vegetarian please). Please bring a yoga mat or something to lie on, blanket, cushion and anything to make yourself warm and comfortable during the experience (camping mattress, duvet, sleeping bag, pyjamas etc). Gongs will stop around 7 am and after a closing ceremony, there will be the opportunity to have a cup of tea and toast for your homeward journey. Again, if you wish to bring any breakfast items (vegetarian only) with you then please feel free to do so. There is plenty of parking outside the hall, although those arriving last may have to double park. Gong pujas are very special, sacred experiences. It is recommended you have experienced at least one gong bath before attending this event, so that you are aware of the deeply transformational effects of the gong. You are also invited to bring your own positive intention along with something to place on the Altar to represent your dreams, goals and aspirations. If you are pregnant, have recently had surgical implants or have a pacemaker/defibrillator installed, please enquire whether this event is suitable. Tickets can be purchased at the following link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/all-night-gong-puja-welcoming-beautiful-beltane-a-celebration-of-spring-tickets-50082313548#tickets

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