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Tribal Tantra Dance Meditation:

Sensual Empowerment through Self-Love with Eugene and Tessabella

Embody the brilliance of your soul and expand your capacity for intimacy and co-creativity with self, other, and the world.
Sacred Dance
Shamanic Ritual...
Online Reg & Info (your RSVP here does not hold your space) http://sheddingskins.eventbee.com/event?eid=132913991
A special, one time engagement in Chicago, IL, at Extensions Dance Company
Are you ready to move toward grace, ease and empowerment in your life?
How are you pushing your edges?
Where are you ready to break through?
Are you ready to experience and fully embody your right to be, to be loved, create, act and express?
~Immerse yourself in creative sensual/sexual
energies through movement, on our own,
with other and with tribe.
~Explore how this creative energy
manifests in art and is honored in ritual.
~Discover and rediscover your power,
dance it into being, and prepare to step
forth with clarity into what is next.
The time is now.
What is Tribal Tantra?
Tribal Tantra is a convergence of the above and below, in the moving heart center. As a practice, we integrate the tantric and shamanic wisdom and teachings with a movement basis, wherein we fully and sensationally experience and feel these energetics embodied. Tribal refers to the shamanic, elemental, primal, instinctive and physical plane and Tantra a reference to the spirit, divine, intuitive, ethereal, both held in our heart center and moved, danced and grounded in our bodies.
Tribal Tantra together means we invite these explorations to be done with others where we can learn and uplift one another allowing our true and higher self to see and be seen by the tribe.
The word Tantra is derived from Sanskrit root "tan" meaning to increase, expand or stretch, with tantra meaning to weave, loom or woven together. Thus it can be said to mean we increase as we bring together, we expand as we integrate. Tantra is a path to embodied bliss. It is a path of Yes.
Online Reg & Info: http://sheddingskins.eventbee.com/event?eid=132913991
Eugene Hedlund is a certified 5 Rhythms teacher and the founder of the SheddingSkins path of personal transformation, co founder of Tribal and Heart Centered Tantra. He is based in Portland, Oregon and teaches both 5 Rhythms and SheddingSkins workshops throughout the US and in Europe. http://www.sheddingskins.com
Tessabella is a trained facilitator of Dancing Freedom and co-founder of Tribal Tantra. She is also a massage Therapist who finds great passion, grounding and healing in movement. She loves the magic, power and immensity of the transformation and awakening experienced in herself and others through the dance.