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This group's purpose is for expanding your "I AM" knowledge about...

"I AM" teachings from various traditions
The art + science of invocation + decree
Ascended Master Dictations
Your Continuous Full Supply
Your True Nature + Your True Will

Yemiah Favor facilitates this group.

Accelerate your progress by reading books:

21 Essential Lessons Vol. 1 + Vol. 2
The Law of Precipitation
Electrons and the Elemental Kingdom

Members of this group form a tight knit community, so people new to this community feeling impetuous from Spirit to participate, will be served to attend public meetups. are public meetups relating to practical application of Spirit to worldly endeavors - Beautiful Business, Tribe Building, Discovering Your Calling.

Attending these public meetups gives the Sacred Word Circle an opportunity to experience the vibratory quality of your expression.

This vibratory experience will suggest your resonance or compatibility with Sacred Word Circle frequency.

- David Favor,

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