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FREE Weekly Global Lightwork Podcast
Join Maria and Duane for a weekly collaboration on focused global lightwork. We do this work through a co-created 5th Dimensional non-temporal reality sphere. We will be working multi-dimensionally, so please make sure you're grounded and hydrated before the call. These 30 to 40 minute podcasts include: 1. What is the current mission? 2. Download on why we're focusing here (given by the higher dimensional helpers.) 3. Invoke protection 4. Lightwork from a 5th Dimensional outside time/space bubble. 5. Where to focus for the week. Because everything is connected, our lightwork serves to elevate the world, and also our own lives. * This is a "directed" call by Maria and Duane, meaning there is no engagement between participants and the hosts. Just call in and participate energetically in your beautiful, unique way. REGISTER HERE: 7am HST // 10am PST

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This group is devoted to ushering in a new paradigm of sacred leaders on the planet. Our events are in person and virtual and are designed to clear, heal and align mind, body and spirit. We support members in remembering their true Soul Purpose on the planet at this time, and then have the confidence and courage to fulfill that purpose.

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