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Sacred Love and Connection, A Relationship Lab and exploration and support to create powerful successful relationships that thrive, and go deeper. Are you yearning for more... if so this is designed for you. Those who want nourishing real connection that touches your soul and turns you on.. sexually, emotionally, mentally. This is for you if you have a desire to explore sacred relationships, and have something deeper than the fast food relationships that are out there... you are looking for that nourishment that feeds the deepest parts of you. I know this yearning,. I have sought after it over the last 20 years.... and I have great tools, Learning and discovery about the truth about dating, men and women, intimacy, how to communicate, how to have passion, and how to share whats really true for you so you can have what you really want. This is about exploring how deep relationships can go. Every meeting is based on who shows up. There will be games, practices, tools, communication and real connections. For couples who want to more tools and ways to go deep and have true passion and intimacy that lasts, and for singles who want to attract their whole mate, a real relationship that can truly work and thrive if you have the tools. Let's leap into the next evolution of whats possible in relationships. Led by Master Relationship coach and healer, and teacher Emunah Malinovitz, Goddess of Sacred Love.

* helping singles who desire true love to meet their WHOLE MATE

* helping new couples create a strong foundation for communication, great sex, and intimacy that lasts

* helping couples renew and reenergize their love, and get more connected at a deep level.

* helping couples having problems connecting, get back to intimacy and sexual passion and desire for each other

* Bringer of the Sacred, Bringing the Sacred back to Marriage, Relationships, and Sex

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