What we're about

A Sacramento Social Group For GLBT Folks Into Personal/Spiritual Growth! Sacramento Aware is aimed at younger adults (20's to 40's), but inclusive of those who may be older but are young at heart. Individuals who are single as well as those in relationships are equally welcomed.

**This is a social group for spiritually aware people, not an opportunity for hookups or cruising.**

Sacramento Aware is a social group for LGBT people who consider spiritual and psychological growth and development to be one of the most important aspects of life, and recognize that self-awareness and exploration is crucial to that growth and development.

**Please read this description carefully before deciding to join.**

Has your life been guided, consciously or unconsciously, by these questions:
What do I really want?
Am I as happy and emotionally healthy as I could be?
Who am I, really? Have you embraced psychological and/or spiritual practices such as counseling, mindfulness meditation or inquiry along your life’s journey? Also:

1. You have probably come to the point where you have recognized that material or other types of “success” are unlikely to bring you the happiness that you are seeking. And you’re probably concerned as well with what this lifestyle is doing to the planet.

2. You are not all that interested in much of what popular culture considers “fun,” particularly when it comes to drinking, smoking, partying, drugs, and random hookups. You may have tried these but you’ve realized that they are not only NOT the answer, but actually an obstacle to your deepest desires. And so you have faced any addictive or unhealthy tendencies (or are currently doing so), whatever they may be.

3. Kindness, compassion, freedom, peace and simply “being real” are words that ring true to your heart, overused as they may be. You are constantly seeking to manifest in your life the deep meaning behind these words.

4. You are interested in meeting like-minded people, developing new friendships, and finding fulfilling activities outside of the typical club/party/hookup scene so common in LGBT organizations.

So if you feel that ALL of the above fits you well, then please join us! Maybe you're typically somewhat introverted, shy, and have difficulties finding the courage to go to an event where you dont know anyone… or not the sort that normally "fits in" to the typical "gay scene"… or maybe you're super outgoing and comfortable meeting new people, but find the typical gay scene doesn't match your values or interests.

Either way, this may well be the right group for you. We will be planning a variety of outings, activities, and events, such as pot-luck dinners; board game nights; movie nights; theater outings; hiking/biking trips; meditation and spiritual groups; conversation groups, and probably much more as we find out what most interests the group. Ultimately, it will be what those who join make of it! So… please join up and give us a try!

** Please Note: This is not a "singles group"; it is intended as a fun, safe way for people to meet and share common interests and activities together.

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