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This very special meetup is both a fundraiser and a live training/Q&A to support anyone who struggles with depression, addiction or suicide, knows someone who does, has lost a loved one to suicide, addiction or depression, or simply wants to help make a real difference in the true fight to END suicide, addiction and depression one empowered soul at a time.

This meetup will be hosted by Haleh, Master Artist, Healer and Empowerment Coach. For over 15 years, Haleh has been helping people from all walks of life break free from the chains that rob their Power so they could finally achieve the wellness, happiness and success they have dreamt of all their lives. She has saved lives, relationships, families and businesses with her exclusive training and unprecedented mentorship.

Now she is bringing that edge to the nonprofit world to spread the ultimate message of hope, healing and empowerment around the issues of suicide, addiction and depression, to make a real dent in this epidemic of destruction and turn this ship around.

All meetup donations are tax deductible and will be helping save lives all over the world.

This will be hands down THE MOST RAW, REAL AND VALUABLE EVENT you and your friends/loved ones could ever attend regarding suicide, addiction and depression, and how to bulletproof your homes and families from them for good before it's too late.

Join us and learn:

Why suicide, addiction and depression are NOT the real problem, only SYMPTOMS of it...

What the real CORE problem is, and how to address it to end suicide, addiction and depression for good.

The ultimate secret of personal empowerment that makes a person INVULNERABLE to the threat of suicide, addiction and depression FOREVER.

There is no time to waste. May the real men and women SHOW UP and catalyze an unprecedented healing of this hell that is costing us millions of lives and destroying hundreds of millions more.

Bring your love and courage, and let's roll up our sleeves on the dirty work that must be done to heal this mess.

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