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Welcome to our new meetup. Please go to http://www.SafeStreetsPhilly.org for more information. This is a meetup for those who want our streets to be safe, as well as the homeless secure in adequate housing. We do not support panhandling or homeless encampments, but instead urge the government to do its job to protect the safety, health, and welfare for all of its citizens.

We are a small group, but we can have a big voice. It takes participation. We need our members to show up at our designated meetups for City Council meetings (hopefully once a month) and/or write letters and emails to our council members.

To that end, I would like for you to send to the group a copy of the emails you send in order to inspire the group and let us know that you are doing your bit for the greater good. You may leave out any personal details that are not anyone's business.

We also need you to recruit others to our cause, which is fair, just, and balanced. We're looking out for the interests of those in need and the general public. So, please use social media and talk to your neighbors and ask that they join the cause (& unlike other organizations, we charge no fees and the meetup is free).

Again, this cannot be a zombie meetup group where only 2 or 3 people do all the work. It's all hands on deck. I'll be wearing a red blouse at this week's city council meeting at standing or sitting in the back of the public seating section. Hope to see you there!

Lynn and Cliff Landes
www.SafeStreetsPhilly.org (our resource website for more information)

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