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Welcome to our new meetup. Please go to www.SafeStreetsPhilly.org for more information. This is a meetup for those who want our streets to be safe, as well as the homeless secure in adequate housing. We do not support panhandling or encampments, but instead urge the government to do its job to protect the safety, health, and welfare for all of its citizens.

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Philadelphia City Hall

We'll meet at City Hall, outside Room 400, at 10 am. Please sign up to speak, 2-minute limit. So, it's best to write up your comments beforehand. (we'll post a pre-meeting for the week prior). Email or call if you have questions - [masked] /[masked] landline /[masked] cell. Hope to see you there. Lynn and Cliff Landes www.SafeStreetsPhilly.org https://phila.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx

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