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When people become egoistical, start making their own plans......
"When people become egoistical, start making their own plans, start making their own suggestions and images they form, then what happens that the Divine, which is trying to supply for your need, for your wants, for your solutions, disappears. This is what happens, that we do not allow the Divine to have its play. This is not only on material level; it is true also on emotional level, it is true also on our physical level, but the best of all that it is true about spiritual level also. So we should not miss the point. Let the Divine play its role, and we should be able to see." Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi - 31 May 1985, extract from a lecture, San Diego, USA.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

14080 Sullyfield Cir · Chantilly


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If one chooses to follow the basic principles, one can get dramatic results in time. Transformation is internal, and deep. One's attention moves from the basal needs of survival, to a higher evolved self. With the awakening of your own energy combined with Sahaja Yoga Meditation and clearing techniques, one can use this to: • Clear your physical imbalances • Regain emotional balance • Enjoy better relationships • Direct this energy to solve your problems • Feel connected to all pervading consciousness and get spiritually fulfilling satisfaction. Sahaja Yoga meditation practice, can help not only the individual but also one's periphery, family, friends and all who come in contact. Please join us and grow with the group energy once a week or more. It’s also free - we are a non-profit, member-based group wanting to share the benefits of what we know to be effective in managing stress and establishing greater harmony with the inner self.

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