Sahaja Yoga Free Meditation Lehigh Valley (Macungie)

Sahaja Yoga Free Guided Meditation Philadelphia
Sahaja Yoga Free Guided Meditation Philadelphia
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Sahaja Yoga Meditation

510 E Main St · Macungie, PA

How to find us

After entering the Macungie Institute, take right. Room is at the end of the hallway on your left.

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Wednesdays 6 pm at Macungie (20 minutes drive from Allentown)

If you are a new comer, we will-
1. give you an introduction to SahajaYoga Meditation & our subtle system consisting of 7 Chakras, 3 Channels and dormant energy called Kundalini.
2. share benefits of Sahaja Yoga and how we can apply our meditation in our daily lives.
3. have a guided meditation session with simple steps for you to get your Self-Realization (steps to awaken the Kundalini).
4. share how you can, with simple steps, meditate at home until we meet next.
5. share experiences.
6. clarify if you have any questions.

For those of you who have been coming to the meetings for some time, we will-
1. meditate together to go deeper in our experiences
2. learn about a particular Chakra or quality
3. learn some new aspect of how to apply meditation in our daily life.
4. clarify any doubts that you might have from your meditations at home.
5. share experiences

Location: 510 E Main St, Macungie, PA 18062
(After entering the Macungie Institute, take right. Room is at the end of the hallway on your left.)
Ample parking available.

Contact: (610)[masked] or leave us a message on MeetUp.

Requirements- An open heart and a pure desire to Know Your "Self".
No yoga mat, No special attire required.

Sahaja Yoga is always free & open for all.


“…Now, we have the Divine power, very subtle power everywhere, but we can’t feel it. With our human awareness we cannot feel it.
With human awareness we also don’t know the absolute truth, we live in a relative world.

So there has to be a breakthrough. And the breakthrough has to take place in our evolutionary process.

And Sahaja Yoga is the method which gives you that breakthrough...”

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (June 9th, 1988, Vienna)