Sahaja Yoga Free Meditation Elkins Park


Join us to learn Sahaja Yoga Meditation and experience the "True Yoga" with your "Self"- which results in complete peace, joy, "thoughtless" state of mind and stress reduction, with simple guided steps. It is a living science that can be experienced on your Central Nervous System.

Sahaja Yoga is not just a unique meditation technique but an easy lifestyle that has benefited hundreds of thousands across the globe in more than 100 countries. SahajaYoga was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on 5th of May 1970. It is not just about meditating for some time in a class but to apply this experience to face the everyday challenges that life brings to us.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always free of cost and open for all.

Every Thursday 7 pm to 8:30 pm
La Mott Community Center,
7420 Sycamore Ave, Elkins Park, PA 19027

1. Introduction to SahajaYoga Meditation.
2. Human subtle system- Kundalini, 7 Chakras & 3 channels
3. Self-Realization: Guided Meditation to awaken our inner subtle energy called Kundalini
4. Q & A
5. Steps to meditate at home
6. Follow up with the previous attendees- sharing experiences from the previous week and steps to go deeper.

Requirements: Just a pure desire to "Know Your Self". No Yoga mat or special attire required.

Benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation include-
• Connection with our True 'Self'
• Know your Chakras
• Apply meditation to face challenges at work and in day-to-day life
• Become your own 'Guru'
• Thoughtless Awareness and Complete Peace Within
• Better problem solving ability
• Develop Self-Confidence
• Emotional, Physical, Mental & Spiritual Balance
• Get rid of Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Fears
• Improved Sleep, Concentration & Memory
• Overall personality development​ and positive thinking

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As members of this non-profit organization, we conduct free meditation sessions at various places and we would love for you to come and find answers to your seeking, like we did.

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