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What we’re about

We are all about sailing! Please note that we are a physical sailing club (based in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area) with regular meetings that you should be willing to participate in if you choose to join the club. If you are not really interested in becoming a member of this kind of group, please don’t bother joining the MeetUp group, as it is just a way of getting our info out to the public to recruit members. No sailing information is posted on this site, as you can only sail once you have paid your dues. That being said, we are pleased that you have an interest in becoming a member and here is some information about the Club:

1. You must fill out an application to formally join our Sailing Club. To obtain an Application, attend one of our General Meetings or a TGIW. These are open to all.

2. TGIWs are held the first Wednesday of every month except July and August. Check our event page for time and location, as the location will be announced on this Sailing Singles Meetup site.

3. We hold monthly General Meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month, except for June and August. Watch this site for time and location.

4. Throughout the Season we have scheduled day sails and extended overnight sails - and the sailing is FREE, other than maybe bringing food to share on the boat or sharing the expense of the Captain's meal with the other folks on the boat if you stop somewhere for lunch or dinner. Our goal is to place crew members on Captain members' boats. We also get together for Social activities throughout the year such as: Thanksgiving dinner, an annual picnic, Christmas party, etc. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER WITH PAID DUES TO SIGN UP AND BE ABLE TO GO ON SAILS AND TO JOIN US FOR SOCIAL ACTIVITIES OTHER THAN THE MONTHLY TGIW.

5. The annual dues are $60. Our annual year runs from January 1st to December 31st.  Full membership requires final approval by the Vice Commodore and Membership Director.

6.  Once you have paid your dues, you will be given access to our weekly newsletter called Heads Up.  All of our activities will be available to you from the Heads Up.

Hope to meet you soon, and welcome aboard.

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