What we're about

Milennial Mothers is a mom's group for women who seek company, comradery, and support as we've made the transition from single women to mothers. Started by a Life Coach, St. Augustine's Milennial Mothers facilitates growth, authenticity, and community.

Milennial women are struggling with the transition to motherhood, we are working and educated and then all of a sudden we become the least important person in the room when baby arrives!

The transition is beautiful, the person before motherhood to the mother but it's important to talk about to stay in touch with the woman you are inside. No fronts, all honesty, we are moms, we are strong women, we are badasses. Whether you stay at home, work part-time, or are running a business the purpose of this group is to make friends, spend time that is self-centric and not focused on our kids (even though we over the moon love em!), talk about the realities of being a woman with children.

You should join this group if you're a mother, pregnant, or wanting to be pregnant soon and want to make some friends while doing actual fun stuff. We're not going to sit around the sandbox.

At our events, we take time to celebrate ourselves as women first, mothers second. Yoga, wine, margs, chill time, manis. We spend all day every day focused on our children and it's just as important their mommas are happy, healthy, and empowered. Childcare on site while we hang.

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Milennial Moms' First EVENT!!!!!

Sunshine Play + Learn

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