• The Science and Technology of IEI

    Imagination Engines, Inc.

    This month I will provide the high-level theory and accomplishments of Imagination Engine's neural network technologies. This informal presentation will last approximately two hours and will feature videos of our company's achievements in materials discovery, improvisational robots, the arts, cyber warfare, and machine vision. The talk will also discuss the relevance of the technology to building conscious machine intelligence.

  • TBD

    Imagination Engines, Inc.

  • If willing, attend an informal presentation on creative artificial neural nets.

    I would be willing to talk for about two hours on IEI's patented technology, the Creativity Machine. This should be a limited audience of less than a dozen, so if interested please RSVP ASAP.

  • Brainstorming of New AI Projects

    Imagination Engines, Inc.

    The consensus at the last Meetup was the following: Apart from some large corporate efforts, there were few, if any, AI projects underway in the area. Therefore, the intent of this second meeting is to brainstorm new, potential AI efforts, explore avenues for funding them, and making the business community and press aware of their existence. As part of this discussion, members are urged to present technologies and resources that would assist the group's now redirected efforts.

  • Planning/Vision meeting to attract new projects and members.

    Imagination Engines, Inc.

    I’m really looking forward to this Meetup, especially since the topic of artificial intelligence has become so red hot. If you are an AI developer looking to bootstrap your project, getting attention and funding can be a daunting task, especially when called upon to devise a fine-tuned and all-encompassing elevator pitch within the confines of just a few minutes. Complicating this scenario even further is the accepted fact that most scientists and engineers are not the best business minds on the planet. So, no matter how intrinsically important an AI development is, it can be overlooked due to conceptual disconnects with capital, the press, and the overwhelming torrent of publicity emanating, for instance, from Silicon Valley and the Ivy League. In addressing the challenges facing local AI developers, our vision is to hold monthly meetings featuring 1-3 ongoing projects, allotting an hour apiece to describe theory and application of the intended product, service, patent, or incubating concept. The goals of this meetup will be: 1. To act as a sounding board for new AI concepts, suggesting any room for improvement and broadcasting them to the surrounding business community. 2. To help build both technical and managerial teams for solo developers prior to their approaching customers or capital. 3. To network with local investors and potential corporate partners to bring AI products and services to market. 4. To network with local universities to help legitimize new AI concepts. 5. To mediate collaborations between local AI developers in fleshing out new concepts and share lessons learned from the “old-timers” in the field. 6. To shape totally new concepts and to build both development and managerial teams for them. 7. Advice from IP attorneys regarding the dos and don’ts for developers still in the early stages of commercialization and/or collaboration. The meeting scheduled for January 7, 2017 will be pivotal as we shape this Meetup’s vision and agenda.