What we're about

Hi, I'm Charlie welcome to the ADHD group. In years gone by ADHD was known as ADD so if that is where you are coming from then you have found the right place.

I am seventy five+ years old, married with four grown boys. I recognized that I have ADHD when I was about sixty years old. When I went looking for help or understanding I didn't find either. I did find a doctor who was willing to prescribe some meds. I tried that for a little while but decided that was not for me.

I found some books. Maybe there are more/better books now but what I found was totally disappointing so I started an ADHD Support group. I just wanted to be able to exchange thoughts and symptoms / traits of ADHD.

I "graduated" from that group, after I left the group fell into disrepair and eventually disbanded. I was okay with that, after all I had already graduated. Occasionally though I still want to attend a meeting so - - -

This is a new support group. Everyone in the room will be an adult with ADHD, no body in the room will be a professional counselor, psychologist or drug company representative. I got better advice from other people who have ADHD than from the professional sources.
We are all in this together, this is a place where you can talk with other adults who have ADHD to offer or receive support.

The meetings will be monthly, the venue will be in or near Kirkwood, The cost will be $2.00 per meeting.

You notice that there is no schedule and no location, well send me a suggestion I am still trying to decide several things about this group like the meeting venue and the day of the month.

Check back occasionally to see how I am coming along. If this does not get off the ground then I will just delete the group.


Upcoming events (1)

October meeting

Kirkwood Public Library


This will be the kick-off meeting for the group