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We are a 501(c)(7) Saint Louis Missouri area dog walking socialization club. If you're seeking social opportunities for your friendly dogs, this club is right for you. Various walks. Some activities. An occasional party. Some meetings.

We really do review membership requests. We want to learn a little bit more about you. Learn about your dogs and to check if your dogs have up-to-date vaccinations.

1) Fill out the form and answer ALL the questions with a bit of detail. Entering junk answers will get you declined. If we're uncertain, you'll receive a message asking for more information. Reply in a timely manner or be declined.

2) Dogs. If you have dogs and plan to bring them to club events, provide a few details about each dog that will be attending. We like to know what to expect. Don't bring surprise guest dogs.

3) BEFORE YOU BRING your dogs to club events, send us proof of current vaccinations at least once for, Rabies and Distemper. Bordetella, Influenza if given. --Read details (https://www.stlalldogs.com/join/vaccinations/)

4) Dues. Members of Saint Louis All Dogs pay $10 annual dues. (Waived until Spring 2019). --Read details (https://www.stlalldogs.com/join/dues-donate/)

Members are invited to suggest event ideas via discussion and host events (special roles only). Saint Louis All Dogs enforces membership guidelines and encourages responsible dog ownership.

Club event variety, frequency, length of events is based on the available time and skills of individual organizers and the whims of the weather.

Dog walking groups are a fun and easy way to give pet DOGS various outlets for their physical and mental energy. Friendly mixed and pure breed dogs of all sizes and ages are invited to join.

Visit our website (https://www.stlalldogs.com) for dog knowledge information, upcoming notices, etc. Find us on Facebook, etc.

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