What we're about

Are you concerned about the impact climate change, and overall environmental degradation, will have in our lives and the lives of our children?

This group is for folks who have been following some of the more distressing assessments of where environmental degradations such as climate change may be taking us, and would like to discuss thoughts and concerns. This will be a safe place to talk about how the environment and the world are changing.

The name of this group is taken from a paper by Jem Bendell, PhD. Link to paper is here:

Some topics this group will discuss include:

Deep Adaptation Agenda proposed by Dr. Bendell
Barriers to generative dialogue (blog post by Dr. Bendell)
Discussing relevant books, research papers, institutional data/reports, and occasional news articles
How realistic/likely are the rather disturbing worst case scenarios that are discussed on the internet?
Human psychological responses to distressful situations, e.g. cognitive dissonance, stages of grief, etc.
Positive ways to cope with distressful situations
Discussing/understanding how complex systems fail
The role of the environment in the economy, agriculture, and politics
Resilient communities
How (if, & when) to discuss certain topics with friends and family
Encouraging all constructive questions and ideas
Speculation is ok, as long as it is labeled as such

This group is NOT about:
Bashing on political parties
Blurring the line between speculation and fact
Spreading panic and despair

The group is not about debating the science of climate change, though the organizer is happy to engage in discussion/debate outside of this group.

Here is the link to the St. Louis DA page:

Here is the link to the main Positive Deep Adaptation FB group.

Past events (3)

Climate Fiction and Adaptation

Online event

Deep Adaptation introduce ourselves (#2)

St. Louis County Library–Daniel Boone Branch

Deep Adaptation introduce ourselves (#1)

World Community Center

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