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Want to play in a band at a group jam session? Want to sing or harmonize to live music? Get back to performing? Teach others your craft? Collaborate on writing/finishing a song? Learn more about your instrument, performance techniques, industry insights, gear/studio essentials, or the business side of being in a band/solo act? Network and socialize with other area musicians? Have a lot of fun doing what you love to do?

If you are a pro or amateur musician who plays a musical instrument, sings, or writes music, then this group is for you. All experience levels welcome but must have playing ability. All music styles welcome. Just need to be open to other's abilities or music background and be willing to share your talents or knowledge. Play it forward mentality.

Guitar (lead, rhythm, acoustic), Bass, Drums, Keys/Piano, Singers (lead/harmony), Strings, Horns/Reeds, Harmonica, Percussion, Banjo, Mandolin, Others.... All interested members will have opportunities to play or learn, regardless of instrument specialty.

This group is not limited to a specific music genre but will center programming efforts, initially, on rock (classic, modern/alt, indie), blues, and country/americana roots. Jazz, classical, funk and possible hip-hop opportunities will come with expanding member base. Sometimes the best collaboration or performance happens when musicians step outside their comfort zone and explore what others are doing.

Some of the ways members will connect....... 1) group jam sessions or genre/instrument specific sessions 2) workshops and demos 3) social events and networking 4) gear/instrument market swaps or public sales event 5) charity performance or community outreach.

Playing or singing music is a personal journey for most of us...and the people we get to share that with is part of the fun. Wherever you are at in your journey, this group is ready to listen and help add to that song.

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UTOPIA JAMS Variety Session (RSVP sign-up deadline Oct. 21)

Utopia Studios


Here's the October Variety Session (mix of song genre styles to give everyone a take on their style of music and trying others).

New players...orientation video link below.

We will be in The Conservatory Hall which is the building directly west (or next to) Utopia's main green-colored facility. They own both buildings but The Conservatory is the bigger space.

For those that know the drill, just click on the setlist link below. Email me your 6-10 top songs (in preference order) and, as always, I will do my best to assign some of those based on what songs make the final cut. The more players we have, the fewer songs each can play, but the goal is always 3 minimum unless otherwise stated by you. Email to troywquinn@gmail or message through MeetUp platform.

If you RSVP and are assigned to a song(s), you are expected to show up by 6:45PM (6:30 recommended) and have your parts learned/practiced ahead of time out of respect for others on your songs doing the same. Consider this like a "gig" and not a traditional "jam"...a fun gig, but a "gig".

If you need to cancel, provide a 48-hour notice so I can re-assign your parts to others attending. Last minute or "of day" backouts are not appreciated so please think twice as it can result in removal from the group (unanticipated circumstances withstanding).

These jam sessions are for pro, advanced, and intermediate-level players....basically a core competency on the instrument or voice. Performance experience not required as many are playing in front of others only with this group but you do need to feel comfortable and confident on the fundamentals (rhythm, tempo, following direction, chord understanding). "Performance" nerves are expected but we can help you through that.....so don't decline because of that...there is too much fun to miss.

Minimum of 22 total players needed for jam which includes 11 guitarists (elec & acoustic), 3 bass, 4 drums, 1 keys, and 3 vocalists.....majority of advance-level playing ability. Jams are capped at 38. Once an instrument group is maxed, no more in that group will be accepted.

No novice or amateur-level players please given the "no rehearsal" nature of the event but you are always welcome to come and see if your skill level matches up. I encourage broad participation but just want to be sure the group experience takes priority.

So how does this jam session work and why is it different?

Click on this link for a video of the event walkthrough (ORIENTATION) and videos of past jam sessions. Highly recommended for first-time participants and those interested in seeing the actual event.


All fun. No stress. That is the event mantra. Otherwise, what's the point.

I do ask that each participant respect the group experience so no exaggerated performing (no inner David Lee Roth), experimenting past skill set, playing outside your core instrument(s), excessive intoxicated playing/performing, individual or song public judgment, unwarranted or offensive language in the performance. (And this is not a karaoke experience...meaning intentional singers only, not "but I'm great in the shower" singers....we all love those moments though).

When you click on the link below, you will see a 30+ song playlist that will get dwindled down to that 20-24 songs depending on how many people sign up to attend this session.


Bar service is available in the main building. Select snacks but no full meal service so be sure to plan accordingly.

The session fee is $8 and gets us 4 hours (roughly 1 for set-up and 3 for playing if it goes that long).

Any questions, just let me know, but I am looking forward to seeing everybody and welcoming a lot of new, first-time faces.

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The UNPLUG All Acoustic Session

Utopia Studios


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