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The purposes of this Meetup group for musicians are to meet and discover new musicians, make kindred friendships, discover other musicians to play with, provide workshops of various types, be a helpful force to one another in the music marketplace, be a point of reference for people, and to have fun.

If you are an amateur or pro musician who plays a musical instrument, grow and get connected with others who seek excellence in music, then this is for you. It will not cater to Rap, Hip-Hop, Trip, or screamo. This is for musicians, their compositional ability, songwriting, and collaboration, demonstration of proficiency on one's instrument, and music theory in the endeavors to produce artistic music that is excellent to listen to. We'll have opportunities to hear one another play, collaborate, and give ideas to one another, and who knows where it can end!

Possible potential: The group can help fill the room when you are starting out and need to be able to count on a number of "fans" to get a gig.

Workshops could be about Recording and Mixing in the studio, what works for Live PA sound and why, DAW software discussion, music software, variations on Classical, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Disco, and more.

Music - Melody or harmony; any succession of sounds so modulated as to please the ear, or any combination of simultaneous sounds in accordance of harmony. An aesthetic art form of sound produced in a continuum of time consisting of 1) Beat, 2) Rhythm, 3) Melody, and 4) Harmony.

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