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Come to Breastcare:101!
Take care of your breasts! In addition to meeting interesting people during this free-of-charge, casual evening affair, we'll also be focusing on self-treatment techniques for symptoms like asymmetry, density, fibroids, scar tissue tightness/pain, numbness, etc. Join us for refreshments and fun, health-centered chitchat. (And don't worry - no one is going to be whipping out the girls. This is not a topless event!) We SO look forward to meeting you! To attend, please join the From Breast Cancer to Beloved Bust meetup group and RSVP by text or voicemail to [masked], or by email to [masked]. Bring a friend to make the party even more fun!

Quantum Healing Arts

325 N Kirkwood Rd, Ste. 103 · Saint Louis, MO

What we're about

This group was originally created as a health group for those who prefer natural remedies and treatments, as well as whole living. In essence, that is still the heart of this group, but since we have changed administrators, this meetup has taken on the mission of bringing the specific concerns of Women's Health to light, and supporting women of all ages and stages in their goals to engage in Exquisite Self Care.

Melissa Russell LMT, founder of Quantum Healing Arts and Beloved Bust, is the new administrator. She has been reaching out to women in St. Louis for over a decade. She is an expert level Barnes Myofascial Release therapist with a specialization in pelvic floor and breast tissue work. Her manual therapy practices have brought physical, emotional, and spiritual relief to thousands in her years of therapy, from strongman crossfitters to infants with colic, but particularly to women who have endured the grueling hardships of breast cancer. These women survive by burning brighter than the fires around them.

To those of you who have been through this incredibly sobering journey. You have been strong. You have been courageous. You survived. But how do you get back your Normal? How do you regain Vitality and Spark through the shame, the pink-pink-pink everything, the padded half of a bra that doesn't quite fit anymore, the reconstructions, the awkward way old friends talk to you now, and the fear... What if it comes back?

We get it. And there's something you should know: It's OKAY and totally POSSIBLE to go back to feeling like yourself again. It's okay to be soft after how hard you had to make yourself to survive.

More importantly, if you're living with lymphedema, tightness, painful scar tissue, loss of range-of-motion, and similar symptoms, here's an idea that might blow your mind: You do NOT have to live with these. These symptoms are NOT your new normal.

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