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This is a women's only book club. The modern book group of today is in some ways still a push for women's intellectual autonomy. Think of this book club as a refuge for women who want to cultivate their minds outside of our current culture's norm of watching television or films.

Women between their mid-twenties and seventies have been meeting together in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul to discuss books for more than five years. Adult women of any age may join us. However, it is not an open public drop-in book discussion.

Ignore the word exempt under your name. There are annual club membership fees. Also appreciated are the on-going donations by members to cover the additional expenses of hosting the book club. Please pay the annual membership fee at the first book discussion you attend in a particular season to help fray the costs. Also donate when possible by putting money in a small tin that sits on the refreshment table. These additional contributions covers expenses that the hostess incurs due to hosting the meet up in her home.

Members must RSVP. Please do not RSVP until you are certain you will be attending.

If something crucial comes up and you cannot attend... immediately remove your name from the RSVP list as soon as your learn you cannot attend.

Note: The organizer becomes discouraged when members RSVP that they are coming and then do not show. This is not acceptable behavior for this particular book club. This is not a typical meet up club. It has survived and continues due to the commitment of the members.

Again, remove your name as soon as you find out you cannot attend. Thank you for understanding that is a required courtesy to remain a member of the club.

Our book club is dependent upon members showing up regularly and taking an active turn in leading the discussions. The discussions are casual, laid back and friendly about the books we are reading. Many of the books are thought provoking and well written.

Our club implements fun ways to stay on task when we are discussing the book. The techniques allow for equitable member participation characterized by equity within the time allotted. They will be explained in person when utilized at the discussion.

Our format:

There is a social time prior to the book discussion and members are welcomed to stay afterwards to continue socializing over the remaining refreshments.

The organizer has ample platters and bowls for you to use for displaying your healthy refreshment contributions. Members are encouraged to leave their remaining refreshments rather than packing them up to take home.

The social time prior to the discussion and also after the discussion is a way of getting to know one another on a more personal basis. It is part of the fun of being a member of this particular book club.

Come early, stay late. However during the discussion itself... we have a fun way to stay on task.

This book club meets in the Saint Paul Hamline-Midway area. Unlike some book clubs, one does not have to be an alumni of a particular school, or work at a particular company to be a member.

However, this book club may or may not be currently open to new members due to the size of the venue.

Due to the personal nature of book club discussions and due to the venue, the club has needed to use the "pending members" format. If you are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to contact the Organizer by joining the Meet Up site or by introducing yourself to the Organizer if you have learned about the club through another member or social setting.

No matter how you learned about the club, you will be asked to join the meet up site and the book club specifically so you may use the RSVP function.

If you do not have Internet then you must call Teri to let her know to expect you. And, if for some reason the club meeting is cancelled (like due to a snow storm) she may need to be able to reach you.

Joining the Meet Up site online is most likely the easiest way to keep informed and to know whether or not there are any changes to our meeting dates.

The Meet Up website allows you to use a first name only. It is good to also include an initial next to your first name if you choose not to share your last name. Last names or an initial help differentiate common first names. Our book club requires a photo or some type of picture symbol. This way a quick glance at the RSVP list will inform the hostess regarding attendance.

Again, you must post some type of photo of yourself even if it is not a good likeness or a picture of a flower or animal or something. The blank images are all the same and it makes it difficult at a glance at the RSVP list to see who is attending. As stated, some members have similar names and so the photo likeness will help the organizer and event hosts to identify you.

Fill out the very simple question form when you request membership.

Because the venue is relatively small, it is necessary to use the RSVP method of letting the organizer know if you are showing up to a book discussion.

Again, the venue is not a large space. We have more members than actually fit in the venue and so it is crucial for members to RSVP... but not to abuse the RSVP function by not showing up and preventing some other member from attending.

For the past five years every member who wanted to attend a particular book discussion was able to attend. We have never had to use the waiting list function. This makes reading the book more enjoyable knowing that you will be able to join in on the discussion.

However, it is necessary to show up pretty regularly to remain a member. It is also a requirement for a member to not abuse the RSVP system. Again, a member must remove her name from the list as soon as she knows she cannot make a meeting.

Just as it is important to RSVP that you are coming, it is equally important that if something prevents you from attending, that you change your RSVP so that other members know how many to plan for in regards to snacks, chairs and space.

If there ever is a member waiting list... these members will have an opportunity to attend if those who find out they cannot will remove their names.

Removing your name from the list, if you cannot attend, is a kind and expected courtesy of this particular club.

It is perfectly fine to attend only every other month if reading one book per month is too much for your schedule. Attempt to commit to reading the book completely cover to cover to make the book discussion more enjoyable to yourself and to other members.

Once in a while, maybe once a year, we may have a speaker or social get-together.

Important: When you post public messages, please do not mention the location or address of the club or mention proper names of members for safety reasons. Do not share the address in any comment or posting anywhere. Thank you.

All members bring healthy yummy snacks to each club meeting... enough for five to eight people. Ideas: crackers and cheese (cheeses that may be sliced), cut veggies, salads, sliced fruit (apples, oranges, pineapple, figs, grapes), pickles, olives, dip and natural chips or whole wheat pita, and casseroles that can be reheated. All are great snack options. Please do not bring cream cheese spreads or flavored cream cheeses. These are rarely consumed. They are not at all popular.

There are platters, bowls, plates, cups for your use. You may also bring any type of beverage you wish to share.

Don't sweat it. Bring something simple and easy... homemade is always appreciated, but store bought is fine. Again, there is a kitchen with serving dishes and a microwave and oven to heat up food if needed. We encourage healthy snacks and/or protein type snacks due to most individuals needing to cut down on sugar and fat.

Some members arrive directly from work and the snacks become their supper.

The types of books are mainly novels. Sometimes we may like to read a memoir or biography. However novels are the most appreciated by the members. We read living and deceased authors works, men and women writers and occasionally works that have been translated from another language into English. Some books we will read will be award winners.

The hostess is open to book title suggestions that could possibly be added to a suggested book list. However, remember that if you read a book a month or one every two months and there are other books on the list, it could be several months or even a year before we could possibly get to your suggestion if other members show an interest in the suggested title. Also, regular participation by a member is crucial especially if you have a book you would like others to read.

Getting to know one another on a more personal basis is part of the fun of being a member of this book club.

Come early. Stay late. If you have to leave before the discussion is completed, please do so quietly without creating the idea that the book discussion is over. Thank you. The hostess will wrap up the evening rather than an individual member creating a domino effect. The domino effect happens more so in polite Minnesota. So please do not give the impression that because you have to leave that the evening has gone on too long or that the discussion is over. Thank you for understanding. Many of us our transplants from other geographical areas outside of Minnesota. This club is especially good for women who are hoping to have a great social time once a month.

We are a casual, laid back, friendly women's book club discussion about the books we are reading.

For more reading about the club go to Pages on our club's main page and read what has been posted. Especially read the most recent postings. Thank you.

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