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I love the trumpet, the almost endless possibilities that can employed with it and the subtle qualities in performing. I'm not a professional. But I understand and appreciate quality when I hear it. But my trumpets have been with through the entire span of my life. I'm one of those players who have had plenty of potential but because of lack of opportunity or bad luck has never had a chance to be a fine player. I've had some fine teachers. I've played around in various applications of playing but all have left me discouraged and dissapointed. I would love any chance to play in a good format whether it be as little as duet or a good wind ensemble. I'm 67 to give you an idea of how much I want play. I love classical music. That's where my ear belongs. Right now I'll be starting from scratch again. (The world is full of people just like me who just haven't had a chance. Maybe this time around I can find a connection - with a little luck.)

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