St. Petersburg Euchre Meet Up - Every Tuesday

Saint Petersburg Euchre Tournament Meetup
Saint Petersburg Euchre Tournament Meetup
Public group

Pinellas Ale Works

1962 1st Ave S · Saint Petersburg

How to find us

Look for us in the Tap Room.

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This is a fun group of Euchre Players who've come together and are having a great time playing cards at Pinellas Ale Works ( each Tuesday evening at 6:45 p.m.!

Each euchre player will score with a partner each of 5 rounds or games (8 hands or deals to a game with each player dealing twice), partners change after each game. The tournament is not played as teams, given changing partners but scores are kept individually by each player. Individual score sheets are provided. Along with each deal or game score, please note partner's name for each round in the space provided on the score sheet. Score sheets are turned in at the end of the tournament. It's actually super easy to use these score sheets. If you have any questions about scoring, please ask one of the organizers.

We play standard Euchre and trick bidding to include "stick the dealer". If the number of players dictates use of a Ghost Player, all persons playing at the Ghost Player table for that round get a minimum of 7 points (they can earn more, but at least get the 7). Likewise, if the number of players dictates that players must sit out, those sitting out will be awarded 7 points for that round. Who sits out will be determined by who signed up last on to play that evening. For instance, if only 9 players show up, the 9th player who signed up will sit out the first round, 8th player who signed up will sit out the second round, and so on.

$2 entrance fee plus $0.25 euchre fine... all entrance fees and euchre fines are combined to make up prize money for winners. On average, each player ends up spending $3-$4 per evening. A Euchre Player does not have to participate in the $0.25 euchre fine, but cannot collect any prize money if they choose that option.

Loner bag - Each time a Euchre Player goes alone (a loner), they put $1 in the loner bag. If they make the loner, they take possession of the loner bag. Whoever has possession of the loner bag at the end of the evening keeps the loner bag contents! Final possession is based on last deal or hand played. For instance, if two players score successful loners on the last deal or hand of their respective final round or game, then they would split the loner bag. The later deal or hand takes precedent over an earlier hand or deal, but no same hand or deal as noted on the score sheet takes precedent over another. This ensures that no player is penalized for faster play nor any advantage is given for slow play. You don't have to pay $1 when going a loner, but you can't take possession of the loner bag unless you pay throughout the evening for each loner attempted at the time the loner was called.

Scores tallied, winners announced, and cash prizes awarded in accordance with how many Euchre players played that evening:

6 or fewer players Winner take all - 100%

7-10 players 1st place - 60%, 2nd place - 40%

11-14 players 1st place - 50%, 2nd place - 30%, 3rd place - 20%

15 or more players 1st place - 50%, 2nd place - 25%, 3rd place - 15%, 4th place - 10%

Low score gets their $2 entrance fee back.

ALL monies collected for entrance fees and Euchre fines are awarded back to the players.

Join this group and come out and play Euchre with us on Tuesday nights, 6:45 p.m. at Pinellas Ale Works!

PS... If you've previously signed up to play but your situation changes, please use the meetup site to cancel. Persistent "No shows" will be removed from the group.