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(LOA) Law of Attraction Study Group - Ask & It Is Given and other sources

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Dawn Adina K.
(LOA) Law of Attraction  Study Group - Ask & It Is Given and other sources


Like minded people, positive vibes, the sound of the surf AND sunset - How much better can life get???? Join me on this journey of contrast and manifestation!

Let’s Put the Process to the test - together!

Love donations greatly appreciated! There is a reason that you are drawn to this group at this exact time in your life - follow the nudge and see what magic begins to unfold before you! Trust YOUR INSTINCTS.... mine have never let me down - I am willing to bet that yours haven’t either!

I firmly believe that your life will begin to transform as you put the Law of Attraction into ACTION!

Have you read Ask and it is Given? Is that why you are drawn to this group? If you haven't then guess what.... you have been drawn to this group for a reason! You are ready to begin a life of Deliberate Intention and Manifestation! Many of us have been reading this book for many many years and we continue to get more out of it!! I am amazed after every meet up that we learn something new because we have differing perspectives. For this reason we welcome you, the "new light seekers", because YOU have a fresh perspective!!

This book changed my life forever - please join me on this journey of personal growth!

We are a loving and receptive group of Light Seekers and we are always excited to meet like minded people.


I have extra books available for purchase ($15 each) and/or just to borrow for the meeting



PS I am over the moon with excitement to share and grow with you!

8000 W. Gulf Blvd. · Treasure Island, FL