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Practice your pitch in a no-pressure environment, network, and build or share your skills for entrepreneurs, sales executives, or marketing professionals...

We are looking for entrepreneurs, sales executives, and marketing professionals, looking to hone their skills in a no-pressure environment to build a better pipeline, close more deals, and enjoy war stories or share tips they gained over their sales experience.

We will be always closing! But we will never be charging for the Meetup. This is a "Sales Support" group with the aim of helping each of us to achieve sales excellence by collaborating, sharing and practicing.

Great salespeople practice the pitch..

Great sales professionals help others...

Great sales executives study the art and craft of selling!

So every month we will be focusing on 3 activities -

1) Socializing and Networking -

2) Discussing a Sales or Marketing Book

3) Practicing pitching your product, service or start-up

If you attend these meetups you should gain the following skills:

You will be better prepared to execute either a full-blown product pitch or an abbreviate elevator pitch.

You will have a tool belt of killer lines, leads, and pitches for any situation.

You will have a network of resources across several industries to help you and that you can help as well.

Who am I ? The Founder? I am an ivy league educated, Fortune 100 sales technology professional with over 30 years experience in raising money for start-ups, closing deals on complex solutions and training 100's of sales executives and sales managers across the nation... And I am always learning...

Let's learn together!

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Master Sales Social Cognition: Tweak the Pitch based on the fly!

How do you persuade without questions? Sales Instincts take practice - Great salespeople know you, they size you up, they understand the immediate sales dynamic and make small changes to their pitch to address the forces at play that might affect the pitch and the close. The key is meta-cognition, knowing that others may know what you are thinking AND you know they know! ... Also goes under the term "Theory of the Mind". Don't worry its very intuitive! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metacognition So for this Sunday afternoon sales lab, we will leverage our social melding minds! Over Tea and Coffee! Rev'em UP! First, we will warm up with with the SNOOP exercise, based on the work of TexasU Psychologist S Gosling. Each of us will describe one private space; office, bedroom, or den with a particular detail 1-3 objects of importance we put in there. Here is a free excerpt: http://psych.colorado.edu/~ketels/Gosling_Snoop_ch3.pdf Second, we will review and share our LinkedIn profiles. Academics have done studies on how to interpret information on LinkedIn profiles and Facebook profiles which expose personality traits. We will walk through each sharing what we see on public profiles. Finally, we will trigger fast and slow brain processes. By using the details of online profiles and personal object details to weave those into our pitch! We will use a longer / loose version of the Elevator pitch to try to bring in those details to unhinge the listener from forming knee-jerk rejection responses. See you all there! Best, Chris K

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Pitch-Anything! Meet and Great other great closers!

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